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I am a fan of lot of things like, Thomas, Nintendo, PlayStation, nostalgic shows of mine and quite a few more, I won't be on here often because I have other things in life to do, but I will be on here whenever I get the time.

When I want to hear sound effects everywhere, I will only be limited to some sounds from HollywoodEdge only and Sound Ideas' Hanna Barbera, Turner Entertainment & Warner Bros. sound libraries. I can avoid using the ones that disturb me, as on the list.

Sound Effects Libraries I Own

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Here's a list of my top Sound Effects from Hell

Hollywoodedge, Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601 - This sound effect is highly overused and bland! I hated the third yowl (next to the sixth yowl) so much that I have to listen to it in a loop for a few minutes! It's use very commonly for when a cat hisses at you or a character throws something off-screen. And sometimes used for no reason as a running gag in slapstick shows like Ed Edd n Eddy and Johnny Test The sixth yowl reminds me of Toy Story and The Simpsons! WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST?!! If I was to go back in time to the Early 80's, I would stop this sound from being made. Many people have claimed that it's debuted in Ducktales in 1987. But according to NicholasJudy567's YouTube channel, this actually debuted in 1982 with Vincent. This needs to be taken down from the media and be replaced with Hollywoodedge, Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010501, Hollywoodedge, Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010502, Hollywoodedge, Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010503, Hollywoodedge, Cat Domestic Meow Ang AT010603Sound Ideas, CAT, DOMESTIC - 8 ANGRY SNARLS & HISSES, ANIMAL and Hollywoodedge, Cat Yowls Pain CRT012604 which are way better!

Hollywoodedge, Elephant Trumpeting PE024801 - Like, come on! Not all elephants need to play this sound. The third and fourth trumpets sound like "rrrrrooooaaaaahhhh!". The longest of all the trumpeting noises in this sound effect is what I dread the most. Also, the trumpeting noise before the last used to scare me at young age. Also, I don't like how this sound effect is overused. Like in "The Simpsons", for everytime an elephant appears. The three Animal Trax and the Hanna-Barbera sounds are better. 

Sound Ideas, SCREAM - FEMALE, LONG, HUMAN, HORROR 02 and Sound Ideas, SCREAM - FEMALE, LONG, HUMAN, HORROR 04 - The most painful Series 4000 sound effects. I'd never watch those episodes again if I heard these more than once. After watching the Thomas & Friends season 6 episode "Thomas, Percy and the Squeak."  -  THEY STILL HAUNT ME TO THIS VERY DAY!

Sound Ideas, BABY - CRYING, HUMAN 01 and Sound Ideas, BABY - CRYING, HUMAN 02 (aka HiT Entertainment Sample Library (in association with HollywoodEdge) - Baby Cries) THESE SAMPLES MAY HAUNT YOU AFTER YOU LISTEN TO THIS THAT MAY HIGHLY DISTURB YOU AND GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR A FEW HOURS. IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN THOSE NAILS ON THE CHALKBOARDS. If I have to take the risk of listening to to this sound. I'll be like "SHUUUUUUT UUUUUUPPP!!!!!!!!! OR I'LL SMASH YOUR FACE AGAINST THAT COT IF YOU STOP YOUR SCREAMING NOOOOIIIISE!!!!!!" Like an angry British mother from the NSPCC 1999 ad! THEY ALSO MAKES ME THINK SUICIDAL THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to be replaced with Hollywoodedge, Baby Crying Slowly PE144001Hollywoodedge, Baby Whining Short Cr PE144101, Auvidis Tempo, Cris D'Un Bébé and Sound Ideas, HUMAN, BABY - EIGHT WEEK OLD BABY: CRYING, which are WAY BETTER! 

Sound Ideas, HUMAN, BABY - CRYING -  This sound is so disturbing along with the Series 2000 sounds. It's the most hated sound on the General Series 6000 library. Trust me, IF I HEAR THIS SOUND AGAIN - I WILL FEEL LIKE GOING INTO RAGE MODE!!!

Sound Ideas, BALLOON - BALLOON AIR SQUEAK, 05 - JESUS! Does this really need to be used as a running gag in modern day shows? It used to annoy me as a kid, it was highly overused in most preschool shows. Nowadays this sound makes MY SKIN CRAWL! Same goes with the 4th one.

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