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Howdy do, My name is Audel LaRoque of Mamon Star Projects and I am an anime/cartoonist, the maker of PaRappa Anime Sound FX Library  which is a pack including SFX from the actual show ripped directly as well as my SFX rips posted for The Sounds Resource like Parodius Da, Bells & Whistles (Detana TwinBee) and TwinBee Portable. I am also the developer of a fan article of Pop'n Tunes, a dream cartoon anime showcase based on Konami's music game. I am the one who prefer anime sounds and making custom anime-esque sound effects from Mamon Star Projects (like Gawain Hale Films can) for my video projects using Audacity, ISSE Audio Separator, Utagoe, FL Studio and Fighter Factory Classic (ripping sounds from selected MUGEN characters.) As well as commercial free Japanese sound effects from Taira Komori and Sound Effect Lab.

My favorite SFX

Hanna-Barbera SFX

Warner Bros. / Looney Tunes SFX

Cartoon Trax / Disney Classic Cartoon SFX

Jay Ward

Anime Sounds

Miscellaneous Sounds

My Arch-Nemesis (SFX I really hate/dislike, usually avoid and never use)

  • Hollywoodedge, Bird Hawk Single Scre PE020801 (aka the most cursed Valentino Banshee Hawk Screech ever existed. AUGH! This terrifying screech wasn't supposed to used any birds of prey other than a Red tailed Hawk and It was a vintage quality because it was done around the 70s as a . I'm with JacobJohn55 on that!)
  • Hollywoodedge, Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601 (aka the most cursed overused disturbing irritating upsetting screech of a Cat-manian Devil which is a name pun of Tasmanian Devil, aka the most cursed disturbing SCREECH BOMB aka the worst ticked off disgraceful disturbing horror harassment. Aaugh! This is one of terrible cursed influences what I ironly avoid from hearing it and never EVER use! I'm with WikiExpertXV and Hotheart123 with the exact trait. It sounds like if a berserk button of a Cat-manian Devil is pressed! I'd rather want to hear a whistling sound of an angry boiling tea kettle sound from either Series 6000 which reminds me of Anime Pokemon and Clorox Husband and Baby ad, and/or Roland UK which reminds me of Super Bomberman R, and Shell Screaming whine down sound to sooth my soul because it kinda reminds me of Ed Edd n Eddy One Size Fit Ed.) Here’s a little story, At first I was watching House of Mouse (Presto Pluto first), Hey Arnold (Intro only), and Toy Story which are three innocent medias, and hearing the screech bomb reminding me how sound editors can imitate the treatment of 80s-90s Disney TV Animation Shows with H-B sounds that reminds me of Cartoon Network shows like Dexter’s Lab and a Powerpuff Girls. I don’t watch much TV but playing video games and web games. Then, I remembered the horrible time when I heard this screech sound coming out of my older brother’s old laptop every time one of my brother’s AIM friends notifies as its most disturbing notification sound (which is STRONGER BADLY than AOL Internet Dialing sound) that makes my ears deceive me and gives me goosebumps down to my nerves, while AIM messenger is still on back around 2007. You know what’s stronger than this doggone monstrosity? Kirby Microphone Scream Sounds! And as I said, I called it one of most disturbing cursed cliche Pokémon cries ever existed which is a joke I’ve made up. And not to mentioned, the YouTube upload of monstrosity. It was uploaded on 7-10-2015, provided by The Orchard Enterprises, Released by Hot Ideas Inc in 5-5-2015, and hit 16,012 views (as of March 2020) while Myle Moss’ Alternative uploaded on 9-18-2018, In my opinion, Nah, no way. I’m very afraid, nervous and worried I wouldn’t fall for searching for this cursed upload, and I should try to forget and regret it.
  • Shock Horror (A) This is coming from Spongebob, you know, as one of APM tracks. While Dun-Dun-Duuunnn joke is trending around, alongside the iconic dramatic chimpmunk music coming from Young Frankenstein, This one is the cursed and disturbing one ever turned out by Dick Walter to jar me out on the nerves and it seems to be more popular and generic than Dramatic Chipmunk one. Reminds me of the part of Sonic YM2612’s SEGA Logo YTP that goes “Hit it. *wtf boom explosion sound*” following this doggone monstrosity. And not to mention it sounds more disturbingly jarring than Hollywoodedge, Fanfare Ta Da CRT044001. So, I think it seems to be copyrighted enough to use this.

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