Hello, this is the real Joshua Productions, since the other Joshua Productions joined the wiki when he was 13, and I joined when I was 14, my main account Joshua Productions got disabled globally by the user choice, so, I came back as JAPD.

Lately, I have been annoyed by somebody by the name of S382218. He has been telling me to add more SFX to the Really Wild Animals page. It constantly annoys me. If I never add any SFX, he starts being impatient. Seriously dude, you need to calm down. And another thing is that he's been asking me where I'm from. I'd get in trouble if I leak personal info. If you come to my message wall, do not ask for my address, or my phone number or anything. Now while his account was blocked, he has another account called Joethetaxi, and he started annoying me again. He also has other accounts too. Whenever I tell to stop bothering or annoying him, he thinks I'm annoying him, but he's the one who's annoying me. He also thinks that I'm blocking him, but I don't block him, the admin blocks him.

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