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I'm the side account of ClaireBunnyGirl.

Sounds I like and dislike

Due to the long list, see Sounds that I like and Hate.

Songs I like and dislike

See Songs that I like and hate.

Shows I like and dislike

See Shows I like and dislike.

My Brother

My brother is the most annoying member in my family. He likes to imitate SFX I hate because he thinks it's funny when I'm upset. But that's not the only mean thing he does! He also likes to sing songs I hate and made up songs to make fun of me, steal my toys, (And sometimes do bad things to my toys too) hurt me, slamming open the door and shouting "Boo!" when I'm sleeping early morning and scratching his a**hole and making me smell his stinky finger (He got that gene from my dad. He used to do that to his sisters when he was little.) We used to be BFFs when we were little. But ever since 2015 or 2016, he started war with me. This is because he's on the autistic spectrum. Sometimes we play together when we're not fighting. Although we fight at times, when I'm away, he misses me. Here's some info about him.

Nickname: Edu (named after his middle name, Eduardo. He is mostly called by this name.), Eds (by my dad sometimes. When I was little, I misheard it as "eggs"), Robert (The name of his bunny version I draw him as. He is usually playing the role of the villain in my made-up stories written when I'm upset. The bullies at my old school are his henchmen in most stories.)

Born on: March 19, 2012

Eye color: Brown

Likes: Playing with me (Sometimes), Me being upset, SFX I hate, Annoying me, Taking off his clothes and only wearing his underwear (my parents are okay with that in the house as long as he keeps at least his underwear on), short pants, songs I hate, The Winky Song, Brobee (his plush Yo Gabba Gabba toy. It's his #1 favorite toy. He says he likes to copy what Violet says. Same as him copying what I say.)

Dislikes: Sounds that he hates (mostly super loud sounds), Me at another place, Keeping his clothes on when he goes to the bathroom, long pants (because he thinks they make your legs cold but it's actually the opposite), Typical music that sounds too dramtic and loud (He responds by singing loudly.)


Edu's annoying most of the time but sometimes plays with me. Sometimes my baby brother Jonas comes along. Edu has this weird habit: When going to the bathroom, he takes all his clothes off. (Only at home. Thank goodness not in public.) When he comes out he dosen't put them back on. My mom or dad tells him to put on at least his underwear and he obeys and dosen't put any of his other clothes until we say so. When my family is at home, you will usually see Edu in his underwear.

The Winky Song

The Winky Song was a song he made up to make fun of me. It is in the tune of BINGO. The song was about me described as an ugly monster named Winky. Edu used to sing that a while ago, but stopped singing it nowadays.


Creepy yellow eyes,

weird beard,

wrinkles on her skin!




and Winky was her name-o!

My Family


I live with my mom, my dad and my two younger brothers (The oldest of the two is the annoying brother talked about above). 2 paternal grandparents, 2 maternal grandparents, 2 paternal uncles, 2 paternal aunts, 1 maternal aunt, 1 maternal uncle, 4 paternal cousins and 1 maternal cousin


  • Luca (The oldest female pet. She died on February 4, 2021 of old age.)
  • Thornberry (my cousin's rabbit. He lives with her boyfriend Braden while she is away. He passed away on March 2, 2022 due to an injury by one of Mikala's cats.)
  • Welly (The Metel's puppy.)
  • Nabi (My animatronic toy cat and an unofficial pet due to being a robot. I say it is a female although it's not real. Me and my brother usually fight over it since we think is pretty.)
  • Runny (The oldest family pet I know. He was the pet of my mom's sister and her family. He passed away on 2019.)
  • Billy (The first cat in family pets. He passed away a few years ago.)
  • Zuli (A real cat in the family pets while Nabi is only a robotic toy cat. He or she is My cousin’s other pet.)
  • Baloo (A cute foster kitten that my cousin Mikala is taking care of. He's gonna be adopted by her boyfriend Braden.)
  • Creme Puff (my own pet cat. I had her since August 17, 2021)
  • Marmalade (Mikala's new cat since early 2022)

I like drawing them in pictures.


I am half Colombian (Hispanic) and half Filipino (Asian). Since I was born in America, my main language is English. the paternal side of my family is Filipino and the maternal side is Colombian. My paternal side speaks English better than my maternal side. My mom is probably the only one in my maternal side to speak English the most. The second is my only maternal cousin. She can understand me when I speak English only if I speak slower than normal speech speed.