Hi! I'm ArtsyRinko and I'm so glad to be on this wiki!

Sounds that I love and like!

  • Hanna-barbera sounds - oh my god I love those sounds when I was a kid!
  • Cartoon Trax sounds -  I love those sound effects too!
  • subulawa! - haha! a very funny sound effect that I love.
  • PEV1 sounds including farts and burps
  • Series 6000 sounds with the horse sounds and other sounds except for the Baby Kate cry.
  • the edge library from HE with the sounds, also europe edition
  • Series 2000 and 4000 sounds execept for some male screams and the baby crying sounds.
  • Digieffects sounds execept for the baby crying sounds
  • Baby crying and laughing sounds made by Tara strong, Grey Delisle , Dee Bradley Baker and other voice actors and actresses.
  • WB cartoon sounds and such including ricochets

Sounds that I hate and don't like!

Sound Ideas, HUMAN, BABY - CRYING  -  Oh man, I hate this sound! it's really loud and very disturbing! it reminds me whole a lot of Arthur when Baby Kate cries , I recently heard this on a video on GoNoodle called Show Stoppers and it uses that stupid Baby Kate cry on it, It almost made me upset but yet I calmed myself down. This is the worst baby crying sound ever and I'll never hear this sound again!

Sound Ideas, HUMAN, BABY - EIGHT MONTH OLD BABY: CRYING -  this is even worse than the Baby Kate Cry. This sounds makes me annoyed and cringe at the same time  whenever I hear it , even the gurgling part cringes me alot! I used find this sound funny, then I started to cringe at this sound effect, ugh! this sound effect is useless and cringeworthy!

Sound Ideas, BABY - CRYING, HUMAN 01  -  oh boy! this sound is bad , with its piecreing scream It makes me a bit annoyed! I heard this in a PIF (British PSA) where a baby cries off-screen with the milk on the baby bottle spoling out. they leave the sound uncut without adding any details or shortening the sound, it reminds that episode of Caillou when Caillou pinches Rosie by the cheek when she was a baby.

Sound Ideas, HUMAN, BABY - CHILD CRYING, 10 MONTHS OLD BABY, HUMAN, DIGIFFECTS   it sounds like screaming through my goddamn ears! This is even worse than the Baby Kate cry! I recently heard this on the first episode from It's Pony!

Some of the Woman screams from PEV1 and Male screaming sounds from Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge.

and the Baby crying hard sounds from Series 1000.

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