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  • I live in Benesov, The Czech Republic
  • I was born on July 14
  • I am Male

Just a guy who submits things on this wiki. Also a fan of various high-budget productions from the 90's, as well as independent movies. Also a fan of various TV shows and movies, and often plays videogames. I often find out which stock sound effect was used while I'm watching or playing.

Favorite TV shows:

The X-Files

NCIS (not often)

CSI: Miami

Favorite movies:

Police Story 4: First Strike (1996)

Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Police Story 2 (1988)

Rush Hour (1998)

The Bourne Identity (2002)

The Transporter (2002)

Favorite anime: Gunsmith Cats

Page coming soon:

Fox Hunt (1996 FMV videogame)

Favorite sound libraries:

Dynamic Range CD1 and 2, Series 2000, Series 4000 Hollywood, General Series 6000 + Series 6000 Extension (Sound Ideas), Premiere Edition Vol.1 and 2 (The Hollywood Edge), The Edge Edition Vol.1

Favorite sounds:

Hanna Barbera Large Explosion 03 (One day, when I'll make a tribute to cheesy 80's-early 90's action flicks, this is the sound I would use with the Series 6000 explosions)

Hollywood Edge 357 Magnum Pistol Shot (Sure, the first one could be used for hand cannons and all that, but the others could be for small calliber guns)

Hollywood Edge Pistol or Rifle Shot 02 (If I use a semi-automatic rifle in one movie, this would be the sound that will be used.)

Hollywood Edge M60 Automatic Machine Gun (and their variations) (Mounted turrets and machineguns strongly recommend this sound)

Series 6000 and Premiere Edition Vol.1 Wooden Door opening/closing

Sounds I don't like/don't mind:

Dynamic Range CD1 12 Guage Mossberg Firing (I don't mind the first sound with the soft "ouch!" Should have been made quieter.)

Series 6000 Female Scream 03 (So irritating to the point of inanity.)

Series 4000 Long Female Screams (I swear, if I hear those again, my brain's gonna get too much storm)

Hanna-Barbera Long Shell Screaming Down (Irritates me in cartoons, but not in every movie set during World War II)

THX Deep Note (Both loud and annoying. At this rate, why bother making the damn sound at all?)

Overused sounds:

Dynamic Range CD1 ricochets and exterior shots [except many interior shots sounds] (Yes, due to them finding their ways in a lot of movies.)

Series 2000 Brake Skid 02 (Could be, because many independent movies use it a lot. It's just a short skid with a mild squeal and I don't understand that they're used in multiple pitches, or editing out the mild squeal. It's even used today.)

Premiere Edition Vol.1 Crash with Metal Shatter and Slight Shake After (w/o glass) 2 (Heavily used for vehicle crashes.)

Howie Long Scream (aka Gut-wrenching Scream with Fall) (Overused, but I don't hate it.)

Underused (and rare) sounds:

Soundstorm Glass Shatter

Premiere Edition Vol.2 Car False Starts, Rhytmnic (I only know a few things that used it but no movies used that at all)

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