Twenty-First Century Entertainment

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This post-production sound company, Twenty-First Century Entertainment (formerly known as 21st Century Sound Design Corp.) was founded by Joel Valentine (who developed The Producer's Sound Effects Library and was mentor to Spongebob sound designer Jeff Hutchins). They worked on mostly cartoons, mainly ones from Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network, usually crediting sound editing only. The company was said to be folded into Hacienda Post/Sabre Media Studios after the end of Sym-Bionic Titan in 2011, although Joel and his uncredited team still do sound design to this very day. One of the (usually uncredited) staff members included Jeff Hutchins, an FX editor on 2 Stupid Dogs Season 1. Jeff assisted Joel and they worked closely together. While "The Producer's Sound Effects Library" is unknown in availability (though probably used by Hacienda Post, Advantage Audio and other popular sound studios for cartoons), Jeff was given both this and Joel's ADAP library from Joel himself (source: this tweet ).

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