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Cancelled (planned: October 26, 1998)

Twelve Tales: Conker 64 (known in the PAL regions as Twelve Tales Conker) is a cancelled video game that was going to be released for the Nintendo 64. First announced as Conker's Quest at E3 1997, the game would have followed the all ages environment of Conker's Pocket Tales, a handheld title released during its prolonged development cycle.

Before the game could be finished, Rare had already made similar games that had already achieved general acclaim, most notably Banjo-Kazooie and Diddy Kong Racing. The developers began to receive criticism for creating another innocent platformer starring cute and friendly animals. In 1999, Rareware revealed that they were going to entirely redesign the game to appeal to an older audience.

While it was first believed to be an April Fool's joke, the game went unreleased and replaced with Conker's Bad Fur Day in 2001. The game released in its stead was rated "M" and gave Conker's world a more adult tone, with perverted characters, a more mature Berri (both in personality and appearance), and a lead squirrel who is now an alcoholic. Some assets were kept from the original version such as the flowers in the Hungover chapter, the scarecrow and the Windmill, but for the most part the game was completely different. Most of the music appears to be scrapped except some tracks in Conker's Pocket Tales (such as the mini-game track, which was then reused for the Fire Imps before The Big Big Guy), as well as the theme for a Roman-themed world was used as the theme song for Jet Force Gemini.


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