Season 1

Ep. 1: "The Scent of Cherry Blossoms"

Ep. 2: "The Library and the Childhood Friend"

Ep. 3: "Kukuri-hime"

Ep. 4: "Trials of the Local God"

Ep. 5: "Training"

Ep. 6: "Memories and Childhood Friends"

Ep. 7: "Kanayama-san"

Ep. 8

"A Certain Day in the Kagami Household"

"The Super Popular Fragrance"

Ep. 9: "Letter"

Ep. 10: "Nude in the Futon"

Ep. 11: "Duel"

Ep. 12: "Partner"


Season 2

Ep. 1: "The Troubleshooters' Office"

Ep. 2: "The False Fianceé"

Ep. 3: "Shirou-kun's Big Day!"

Ep. 4: "Swapped!"

Ep. 5: "Sunao and Kotetsu"

Ep. 6: "The Lost Village"

Ep. 7


"The Romantic Quiz Board Game"

Ep. 8: "New Club Members"

Ep. 9: "Assassins"

Ep. 10: "Revolt"

Ep. 11: "Total War"

Ep. 12: "Decision"

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