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"Trailblazers: The Making of Home on the Range" (16:40) is a featurette with flair. This fast-paced piece opens with a number of crew members gathered around a campfire and moves on to cover a number of topics on the film's production. There's a little on the film's origin, as a story about a cowboy in a ghost town called Sweating Bullets. The characters and voice cast are briefly profiled and some of the always-interesting footage of animators at work is provided. The featurette also enlightens about the film's music and the filmmakers' inspirations, from observations of Wyoming to taking another look at old Disney cartoons set in the West. Featured most prominently among the many commentators here are producer Alice Dewey, writers/ directors Finn and Sanford, lyricist Glenn Slater, and composer Alan Menken. It's slick and extremely well-edited, but one gets the feeling that the featurette could work even better if it was three times as long, like Brother Bear's documentary. It is also available on the 2004 DVD release and 2012 Blu-Ray release of Disney's "Home on the Range."

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