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Rooster - Close 01

Rooster - Mid Off

Rooster - Close 02

One Horse Snorts 01

One Horse Snorts 02

Two Horses Snort

Two Horses Pull Wagon On Dirt Road, Start And Stop

Two Horses Walking, Harness Can Be Heard Clearly

One Horse Pulling Cart

Horse Neigh 01

Horse Neigh 02

Horse Neigh 03

Horse Neigh 04

Horse Neigh 05

Several Horses Trotting, Harness Jangling

Crickets 01

Crickets 02

Swarm Of Bees

Single Bee

Group Of Puppies

Cat Meowing

Slightly Annoyed Cat

Angry Cat

Pack Train Of Horses Goes Past With Bell Jingling

Goat Bleats Three Times

Small Stapede Of Cows

Horse Walks By - Saddle Creaks Heard

Single Gull - Mating Cry

Single Gull Cry

Gulls Feeding

Gulls In Rookery

Woods Atmosphere - Birds, Bees, Leaves

Woods Atmosphere - Birds, Crows, Leaves

Small Frog

Small Frogs By Pond

Dogs Barking

Small Dog Barking "Toddy" By Name

Dog Whines

Porpoises Barking

Bird Flying Over

Scott Oriole

Horses Being Led Into A Show Ring

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