Sound Effects Tracklist

Auto Door Open - Pause Close 01

Auto Door Open - Pause Close 02

Auto Door Open - Pause Close 03

Auto Door Open - Pause Close 04

Turn indicator

Electric Windshield Wipers

Trunk unlocked-opened-pause-closed with licence plate rattle

Auto engine hood opened - pause - closed

Auto engine hood opened - vibrates slightly - pause - closed

Engine start-miss once-catch-rev engine-fast idle down to idle

Engine hood opened-footsteps-engine started on low battery-catches on 4th try-rev-fast idle down to idle

Car speeding by horn and tire squeal

Auto going through automatic car wash

City traffic - Secondary business district

City traffic - Busier street than previous cut

Driving Auto - Drivers window partially open - traffic heard

Driving Auto continuously - window closed

City Bus-Diesel pulls away from stop, moves along route, slows for stop sign, pulls away from stop-heard from passenger position-some conversation heard

Bus pulls into stop - passenger gets off

Bus passes listener

Bus stop with air release-passengers get off- Exterior persp.

Bus pulls away into route-some conversation-bell rung for stop and passenger getting off-(good for complete scene)

Auto driving slowly on gravel road

Racing cars rev up at start position-on flag take off on track

Several race cars rev engines prior to race

"Shave and a haircut" horn-interior persp.

"Shave and a haircut" horn-exterior persp.

One long horn

5 short toots on horn

Bulb horn

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