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Clock - chimes once

Clock - chimes twice

Clock - chimes three times

Clock - chimes four times

Clock - chimes five times

Clock - chimes six times

Clock - chimes seven times

Clock - chimes eight times

Clock - chimes nine times

Clock - chimes ten times

Clock - chimes eleven times

Clock - chimes twelve times

Door - open and close

Lock opened - door open and close

Door - open and close - locked

Door - creakes open and close

Latch door - open and close

Comic door

Alarm klaxton - siren and bell

Noon horn - BC Hydro Bldg, Vancouver, BC

Large gong

Medium gong

Very large gong

Timbers creak - large structure collapses

Metallic crush

Heart beat

Glass crash 01

Glass crash 02

Barroom brawl

Prolonged stretch

Bell chiming 01

Bell chiming 02

Mission Bell

Halloween effect 01

Halloween effect 02

Halloween effect 03

Halloween effect 04

Ghost moaning

Different ghost

Wicked ghost laugh 01

Wicked ghost laugh 02

Door broken open 01

Door broken open 02


Comic burp



Arrow through air - strike object

Science fiction control device

Science fiction device

Robot gears

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