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Multiple Rowers - Oarlock Creaks

Two Paddlers

Single Paddler

Vessel Going Through Water - Motor Can Be Added

Creak Of Wooden Ship

Engine Room Telegraph

Small Ship Whistle With Echo

Three Blasts - Cruise Ship's Whistle

Coastal Vessel Whistle

Single Blast On Ship's Horn

Tug Signals

West Coast Ferry Whistle

West Coast Ferry - Three Whistles

Ship's Engine Room

Small Diesel Vessel

Fog Horn With Gulls And Water

Fog Horn - Some Light Surf In B/G

Dual Engines Pleasure Vessel

Diesel Powered Small Vessel

West Coast Indian War Canoe

Dockside Activity

Tug - Idling Alongside Dock

Tug - Underway

Sail Slaps

Sail Slaps - Then Flaps Loosely In Wind

Sail Flaps As Vessel Comes About

Sail Flaps - Halyards Slapping

Bosun's Pipe

River Ferry - Arrives At Dock - Cars Drive Off

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