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German firing squad with commands

English firing squad with commands

Single shot with reload

Shot and ricochet 01

Shot and ricochet 02

Shot and ricochet 03

M - 14 volley

Single shot 01

Single shot 02

Six shots - .22 calibre

Six shots - .38 calibre

Bolt action of rifle shot

Two shots - 303 rifle

Flare gun

Three single shots - spaced

Three single shots - close spaced

Two single shots

20 MM cannon

High speed Gatling gun

Anti sub mortar

Explosion and debris fall

Small implosion

17 pounder cannon

Two cannons

Old Fort 24 pounder cannon

Fort cannon

Two Fort 24 pounders

Ships 17 pounder cannon

Two ship's cannon

Broadside from eight cannon

Second world war combat

Browning 50 calibre machine gun

Gun battle

Gun volley

Tank maneuvering

Several tanks maneuvering

Sword pulled out of scabbard 01

Sword pulled out of scabbard 02

Sword placed into scabbard

Cutlass fight

Sword fight

Medieval battle

Large explosion with side blasts

Shots through glass with ricochets

Commands and men in platoon

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