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F-105 Low Fast Flypast 01

F-102 Low Fast Flypast

F-101 Low Fast Flypast

F-100 Low Fast Flypast

F-105 Low Fast Flypast 02

DC-8 (Exterior) Takes Off

DC-8 (Exterior) Taxis Onto Ramp, Engine Shutdown

DC-8 (Interior) In Flight

DC-6B (Exterior) Takes Off

DC-6B (Exterior) Takes Off Into Flight

DC-6B (Interior) In Flight

Viscount Turboprop - Takes Off

Control Tower Activity

Airport Terminal Departure Level

F-102 High Flypast (Slight Sonic Boom)

F-100 High Flypast

F-105 Take Off

F-102 Take Off

B-57 Take Off

B-47 Take Off

C-47 (Dakota) Takes Off

Cessna (Light Aircraft) Take Off

Convair Turboprop (Exterior) Takes Off

Convair (Int) Warm Up, Taxi To End Of Runway, Passenger Conversation, Stewardess Announcements, Take Off Into Flight

Boeing 737 (Int) Idling At End Of Runway, Passenger Conversation, Take Off

Boeing 737 (Int) In Flight

Airport Terminal - Arrivals Level

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