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Woman Walking Slowly On Stone Surface, Some Rustle Of Clothing

Woman Walking Slowly On Wood Surface, Echos Slightly

Man And Woman Walking Slowly On Stone Surface

Man, Slow Measured Pace On Wood, Shoe Leather Creaks

Man Ascending Steps

Stroll Through A Shopping Mall

Crowd In Large Mall, Moving About, Clearing Throats, Etc.

Auctioneer Selling Phonograph

Auctioneer Selling Canadiana Table

Hockey Crowd And Action On Ice

Small Group Urging On Atheletes At Sports Event

Young Woman Laughing 01

Young Woman Laughing 02

Young Man Laughing

You Man Really Enjoying Joke

Middle Aged Man Laughing

Crowd Laugh Reaction Into Applause

Crowd Reaction To Joke Into Applause

Crowd Applause With Whistles

Department Store Background

Department Store Elevator, Passengers Talking, Floors Called Out

Children In Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool With Children Diving Off Spring Boards

Small Coffee Shop, Some Coversation

Children Playing Outside

Group Of Teenagers Talking In A Room

Group Of Chinese Men In A Large Hall

Hockey Game From Players Position

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