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Sawmill in operation

Chain saw cutting down tree

Tree Crash

High speed metal punch

High speed labeller


Metal sorter

Old elevator with metal gates

Old elevator with metal gate and wood door

Hand saw

Hammering on metal

Chipping at stone - chisel and hammer

Jack hammer

Pile driver

Sledge hammer striking metal wedge

Chopping tree

Hand operated printing press

Sash window - open and close 01

Sash window - open and close 02

Person brushing teeth

Open curtains

Open a jar - then close

Crack egg

Prepare omelet

Whistling kettle

Alarm clock rings - fumbling shut off

Fill wash basin

Fill electric kettle - plug in

Bacon frying

Eggs frying

Glass bottle opened - milk poured

Electric kettle comes to boil - unplug

Coffee percolating

Coffee percolated - slows to stop

Small fire in fireplace

Smaller fire - mostly embers

Poker lifted from rack - used - replaced

Fire flares up

Log flares up

English phone with remote ring

North American phone - dial tone - dial - remote ring

Phone thrown to floor in anger

Toilet flush

Washing dishes

Blankets - person gets into bed

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