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Black Smith

Old Elevator ... Gate Open/Shut/Run

Old Bell In Countryside

Wooden Wagon On Dirt Road - One Horse

Old Prop Cessna Plane - Start & Take Off

Mustang, Cessna Prop Planes (8) - Various Take Off

Flying In Old Prop Plane

Old Winding Clock Strikes 6

Sternwheeler Going Up River

Sternwheeler Whistle

Model T Ford - Starts, Idles, Another Start Drives Off

Old Car Starts Only

Old Fashioned Sewing Machine

Old Fashioned Flash Gun - Fires Twice

Ambience Of Old Western Town

Old Wicker Rocking Chair

Old Mantle Clock Ticking

Old Fasioned Gas Pump

Cuckoo Clock - Marks 7 O' Clock

Wood Burning Steam Pump

Old Screen Door - Open And Close

Wooden Barn Door Rolls Open And Closes

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