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Ambience Exterior - Busy Street Corner-Traffic And Footsteps

Ambience Exterior - Zoo Crowd And Ambience-Voices And Birds

Ambience Exterior - Aquarium Show-Crowd, Commentary, Whale Call, Big Splash

Ambience Exterior - Crowd In Park-Voices Passing By

Ambience Exterior - Stream Flowing Into A Pond

Ambience Exterior - Running Stream With Birds Calling

Ambience Exterior - Rain In The Forest-With Early Morning Birds

Ambience Exterior - Marina-Ships Horn, Gulls, Waves, Foghorn

Ambience Exterior - Rowing A Boat On A Calm Lake, Birds Calling

Ambience Exterior - Gulls (15-20), Ravens And Smaller Birds Calling And Wheeling

Ambience Exterior - Evening By A Frog Pond

Ambience Exterior - Rain In The Forest-Close To The Ground, Birds In Background

Ambience Exterior - At The Beach-Kids Playing Radio In Background, Some Wind

Ambience Exterior - Pond At Night-Some Birds In Background

Ambience Interior - Orchestra Tuning Up Before Concert, Crowd Applause

Ambience Interior - Coffee Shop Crowd

Ambience Interior - Chinese Restaurant-Kitchen

Ambience Interior - Stock Exchange Floor

Ambience Interior - Gym Locker Room

Ambience Interior - Police Station-Detention Cell

Ambience Interior - TV Station-Control Room

Ambience Interior - Hospital Hallway-Lunchtime

Ambience Interior - Factory Assembly Line

Ambience Interior - Laundromat

Ambience Interior - B.C. Ferry-Car Deck With P.A. Announcement

Ambience Interior - Conversation Crowd-Hotel Lobby

Ambience Interior - Bank Hall

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