Ep. 1: "Tiger and Dragon"

Ep. 2: "Ryūji and Taiga"

Ep. 3: "Your Song"

Ep. 4: "The Face Back Then"

Ep. 5: "Ami Kawashima"

Ep. 6: "True Colours"

Ep. 7: "Pool Opening Day"

Ep. 8: "For Whose Sake?"

Ep. 9: "You, Who Are Going to the Sea"

Ep. 10: "Fireworks"

Ep. 11: "Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival (Part 1)"

Ep. 12: "Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival (Part 2)"

Ep. 13: "Ōhashi High School Cultural Festival (Finale)"

Ep. 14: "The Palmtop Tiger of Happiness"

Ep. 15: "The Stars Are Far Away"

Ep. 16: "One Step Forward"

Ep. 17: "Mercury Retrogrades at Christmas"

Ep. 18: "Beneath the Fir Tree"

Ep. 19: "Holy Night Party"

Ep. 20: "Always, Like This"

Ep. 21: "No Matter What"

Ep. 22: "The Scene With You"

Ep. 23: "The Road We Must Follow"

Ep. 24: "Confession"

Ep. 25: "Toradora!"

OVA: "What Lunch Boxes Are All About"

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