Season 1

"El Kabong"

"Barney Bear"

"Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Cartoons"

"Ranger John Smith"


"The Old West"



"Mel Blanc"

"Daws Butler"

"The Evolution of Tom and Jerry"

"Bugs Bunny in Fairy Tales"

"Jay Ward"

"The Best of Tex Avery"

"Academy Award Winning Toons"

"Cartoon Sequels"


"Valentine's Day"

"St. Patrick's Day"

"Wobert Cwampett: That Cwazy Diwector"

"Don't Adjust Your Color: Black-and-White Cartoons"


"Forgotten Directors: Frank Tashlin"

"Forgotten Directors: Arthur Davis"

Season 2

"The Nudnik Shorts, Part 1"

"The Nudnik Shorts, Part 2"

"The Nudnik Shorts, Part 3"

"The Nudnik Shorts, Part 4"

"The Nudnik Shorts, Part 5"

"A Night of Independent Animation"


"Blame It on the Stork!"

"The Economy According to Sylvester"

Season 3

"Travelogue Cartoons"

"Emily the Chicken"

"Baseball Cartoons"

"The Early Works of Chuck Jones"

"Southern Fried Cartoons"

"Midnight in the Bookstore"

"The Many Faces of Robin Hood"

"Hollywood Nights"

"Future Shock"

"Movie Star Bugs"

"Shut Eye"


"The Dreams of Bob Clampett"

Season 4

"The Goofy Gophers"

"Motor Heads"

"Fight Night"

"The Evolution of Tweety"

"The Year Elmer Fudd Got Fat"

"The Nice Mice of Warner Bros."

"Toro! Toro!"

"Director Robert McKimson"

"Our Man Sam"

"The Musical Cartoons of Friz Freleng"

"Night of 1000 Elves"

"One Toon Wonders"

"Battle of the Bookworms"

Season 5

"Crooner Toons"

"Turkey Toons"

"Hobo Flea"

"Rocky and Mugsy"

"Salesman Daffy"

"A ToonHeads Cartoon Christmas Special"

"An Ant's Life"

"A ToonHeads Special: The Lost Cartoons"

"A ToonHeads Special: The Wartime Cartoons"

"The Twelve Missing Hares"

Season 6

"The Evolution of Elmer Fudd"

"The Early Works of Hanna-Barbera"

"Moon Toons"

"The Great Cartoon Controversy"

"The Tasmanian Devil"

"Before Bedrock"

"The Early Works of Friz Freleng"

"A Night at the Opera"

"Sufferin' Succotash"

"Beaky Buzzard"

"Baby Boom Toons"

"Tish Tash"

"Cartoon Newsreels"

Season 7

"Ralph Phillips"

"Rabbit Season, Duck Season"

"Hubie and Bertie"

"The Great Race"

"Cartoons in the Real World"

"Director Arthur Davis"

"Before They Were Stars"

"Gangster Toons"

"The Movie Parodies of Porky and Daffy"

"The Three Faces of Tom and Jerry"

"Director Norman McCabe"

"Speedy Gonzales"

Season 8

"The Worst Cartoons Ever Made"

"Captain and the Kids"

"The Early Career of Porky Pig"

"Private SNAFU"

"Tex's Red"

"The Many Moods of Daffy Duck"

"Pepé Le Pew"

"The Boys from Kansas City"

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