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Tom Scream are vocal recordings that were used in MGM classic cartoons, namely Tom and Jerry. This shouldn't be confused with SKYWALKER, HUMAN - YELL, LONG, MALE 03 or Sound Ideas, SCREAM - FEMALE, SHORT, HUMAN, HORROR 01.


  • First recorded: 1941
  • Creators: William Hanna (original recordings); Rich Danhakl ("The Tom and Jerry Show" recordings)
  • Owner: MGM Cartoon Studio (1941-1967), Turner Entertainment (1985-1996), Warner Bros. (1996-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: July 5, 1941
  • First heard: The Alley Cat
  • Area used: Worldwide

These screams were done by William Hanna at MGM since 1942. His earliest performance of the screams in the Tom & Jerry cartoons made at that time were in "Fraidy Cat" and "Dog Trouble," but "Puss n' Toots" was the first where he would do the screams that would be recycled in later MGM cartoons since. Hanna would later do more variations of the scream for more MGM and Tom & Jerry cartoons. MGM continued to use the screams until they shut their animation studio down in 1957, and they were not used again until the mid-60's during the Chuck Jones era MGM cartoons for his version of Tom & Jerry, but, after Chuck stopped making his verse of Tom & Jerry cartoons in 1967, the sounds went back to obscurity on its use. However, archival recordings of some of the screams do exist, and were used by Turner and later WB since then (mostly in current Tom and Jerry media since Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers, including The Tom and Jerry Show). Some new screams were created for The Tom and Jerry Show by the series' uncredited sound designer/sound effects editor, Rich Danhakl.

Outside from MGM and Tom and Jerry, the sound is used for other media.


The Tom screams comes with many different takes:

  • Ow!
  • Ow-whoa-oh-OH-ho-ho-hoo! is high-pitched.
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! is serious-tone alike. (heard in various shorts like "Jerry and Jumbo". It's usually heard in a high pitch,)
  • Shriek 1 is brief high-pitched
  • Shriek 2
  • Eee-eee-EEE-eee... YOWWWWWHHHHHHH!

It's to be announced which are the Danhakl screams, but there are new screams created/voiced by sound designer Rich Danhakl for The Tom and Jerry Show

Used In

TV Shows

TV Specials



Video Games


  • Kid Klown in Crazy Chase 2


Super Nintendo:



  • Coming Soon From Warner Home Video Preview (2000)


  • Cartoon Network: The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) (Promos)


TV Spots

Other Media

  • Rat in a Trap - Sonic Control Novelty Prank Toy (toy)
  • A Taste Of Cartoon Network (promotional video) ("AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" heard once)

Music Videos

YouTube Videos

  • 10 Among us "Imposter Kill Imposter" Sound Variations in 60 Seconds: Heard ten times, Tom Scream (AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)
  • Among US Animation (AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Heard in Meet The Impostor)
  • Amphibia: After Season 1 (Part 1) (Heard from a TV when a cartoon is playing)
  • Arthur YTPs (The "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" part is heard briefly in "Elwood City Gets Taken Over By Squirrels!".)
  • Bad Ice Cream Funny Moments (Ow-whoa-oh-OH-ho-ho-hoo!; Heard once in "Flammable Fire")
  • Beanie Babies Families Galore (2021) (4th Scream)
  • Best Pals Hand Toons (Ow-whoa-oh-OH-ho-ho-hoo!; Heard once in "Hunter Games")
  • Cinemassacre: Heard once in AVGN in Duck Hunt (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!) (Low pitched)
  • Conor’s Funny Signs (Heard once in "All Of Our Guests Bring Happiness".)
  • DoujinPixation
  • DiamondWindows Videos ("(NEW) Viacom Kicks PBS but its Logo Crossover | Viacom Kicks PBS but X Finale" AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! is heard.)
  • Gacha Animations (double screaming such AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! One episodes only and Ow-whoa-oh-OH-ho-ho-hoo! High Pitched)
  • Garry's Mod Videos - Super Angry Robot Megaman
  • Golden Book Video Killers
  • It's TIE'm to pay! (Ow-whoa-oh-OH-ho-ho-hoo! is heard)
  • Karyll Aguilar (2nd Scream; Heard once in Zacsolo's Unleash)
  • MajorEngineStudios
  • The MilanToon Channel ("Ow-whoa-oh-OH-ho-ho-hoo!" is heard once in "Tillie and the Troublesome Trucks" as a troublesome truck scream after Tillie gives the trucks a big jerk.)
  • My Little Pony Meets (Heard in "My Little Pony Meets Spiderman", "Rapunzel meets My Little Pony" and "My Little Pony Meets Iron Man")
  • Nostalgia Critic (Heard in "Tom and Jerry the Movie", "Congo", "Kazzam!", "Jack Frost", "Max Payne", "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", and “Curse of the Commercials”.)
  • SMG4 Videos ("AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" heard in the episode "The War The Fat Italians 2021" Sonic Was Shot by Mario)
  • SomeBuddy Videos
  • Sonic Advance Crackups
  • Sonic Oddball Crackups
  • Sonic Oddball Crackups 2
  • Trainlover476 Videos
  • Webkinz (5th Scream; Heard once in "Clash of the Evil Twin")
  • YouTube Poop Presents: Adventure Futura

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