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Season 1

Why Elephant Has a Trunk

Why Giraffe Has a Long Neck

Why Tortoise Has a Broken Shell

Why Owl’s Head Turns All The Way Round

Why Lizard Always Hides Under Rocks

Why Hen Pecks The Ground

Why Spider Has a Tiny Waist

Why Vulture Is Bald

Why Caterpillar Is Never In A Hurry

Why Lion Roars

Why Monkeys Swing In The Tress

Why Warthog Is So Ugly

Why Rhino Charges

Why Jackal Howls At The Moon

Why Frog Croaks

Why Hippo Has No Hair

Why Porcupine Has Quills

Why Hare Hops

Why Bat Hangs Upside-down

Why TickBird Sits On Hippo’s Back

Why Mosquito Buzzes

Why Crocodile Has A Bumpy Back

Why Zebra Has Stripes

Why Snake Has No Legs

Why Flamingo Stands on One Leg

Why Woodpecker Pecks

Season 2

Why Ostrich Sticks Her Head in the Ground

Why Camel Has a Hump

Why Wildebeest Stampede

Why Chameleon Changes Color

Why Leopard Has Spots

Why Hyena Has Short Back Legs

Why Ants Work Together

Why Flea Jumps

Why Hummingbird Hums

Why Baboon Has a Bare Bottom

Why Bees Sting

Why Peacock Struts

Why Aardvark Has a Sticky Tongue

Why Whale Spouts

Why Parrot Can’t Keep a Secret

Why Bushbaby Has Big Eyes

Why Guinea Fowl Has Dots

Why Buffalo Has Horns

Why Puffadder Sheds His Skin

Why Eagle Rules The Skies

Why Skunk Smells

Why Cricket Chirrups

Why Mole lives Underground

Why Squirrel Gathers Nuts

Why Meerkat Is Always On The Lookout

Why Cheetah has tears