Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery (2008)

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July 5th, 2008 (US; Theatrical)
September 9th, 2008 (US; DVD)
September 20th, 2008 (UK; Theatrical)
October 6th, 2008 (UK; DVD)

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery is a 2008 British direct-to-DVD feature-length special for the (formerly) long-running British children's television series, Thomas & Friends. It was filmed and produced in 2007, directed by Steve Asquith, and narrated by Pierce Brosnan. It was released in cinemas in the US on July 5th, 2008, and later for DVD for the US on September 9th, 2008. It would then be released in cinemas for the Uk on September 20th, 2008, and later for DVD on October 6th, 2008. It is the third Thomas film in the series, and the final film to use models and figurines at Shepperton Studios, as well as the final one being made completely in live-action.


Thomas the Tank Engine rediscovers the lost railway town of Great Waterton. A new engine named Stanley is brought to help restore the town, but Thomas becomes jealous when Stanley wins over his friends.

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