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September 8th, 2009 (US)October 12th, 2009 (UK)

Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails is a 2009 CGI-animated direct-to-DVD family adventure film and feature-length special of the British television series, Thomas & Friends. The film was produced by HIT Entertainment, with animation done by Nitrogen Studios. It introduces full CGI animation replacing live-action models, and the addition of a voice cast for the characters alongside the narration to the TV series.

The film features the voice of Ben Small, and Martin Sherman as Thomas the Tank Engine, for the UK and US respectively. It was first released on DVD, and on iTunes on January 12th, 2010. To promote the film a "Day Out with Thomas 2010: The Hero of the Rails Tour" was held at locations such as the Illinois Railway Museum, where guests could participate in activities such as arts and crafts or ride on a 15-ton replica of Thomas the Tank Engine.

A mobile app, Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails, would then be released in May of 2011. The DVD was also released in 2019 in "The Heroic Collection", along with Misty Island Rescue, Day of the Diesels, Blue Mountain Mystery, and Tale of the Brave.


One summer, Thomas comes across an old abandoned engine called Hiro. Desperately in need of repair, Hiro faces the Smelters Yard, so Thomas and his friends must work together to save poor Hiro from this fate.

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