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This New Yet Beautiful World (この新しくて美しい世界, Kono Aarashikute Utsukushī Sekai) is an OVA spin-off of This Ugly Yet Beautiful World made by Shaft. Unlike its predecessor, it's a yuri couple revolving on the relationships of the two main characters Hikari and Mari, and is set in a new universe similar to Mari's world on Earth.

Because that the OVA consists of nudity and Barbie Doll Anatomy content entirely (as the characters in Hikari's universe don't wear clothes), the anime was banned from certain countries and official streaming services. Its only release outside of Japan was on DVD and Blu Ray for adult collectors, and was labeled as TV-MA.


The story centers on Mari Nishino, where she was walking in her hometown, then went into the woods near the park and comes across a shiny portal that sent her to a different universe. There she meets the mysterious girl Hikari, who she remembers from her world. However Hikari doesn't remember, but would have a crush on Mari. Together they become friends, but Hikari shows to Mari if she regrets being her friend or anything else against her, she would turn evil and destroy her. They explore the new universe together, as Hikari's world is nothing but forests, jungles, beaches, and valleys. Along the way, they meet up with Akari, Hikari's little sister who would later have a crush on Kimi when she entered the universe. Jennifer, Amika, and Sakurako would then join into the universe when they stepped into the portal.

Jennifer in the series also has a crush on Mari, but she acts so jealous on Jennifer unlike to Hikari.

In the last episode, Mari finds the portal back to her home on Earth, which led to her saying good-bye to Hikari and Akari. They both cry in tears that Mari would never come back to their universe, but Mari decides to have them come with her to Earth instead.

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