Ep. 1

"AAIIEE, Robot!"

"Mission: Irresponsible"

Ep. 2

"License to Slumber"

"Three Days of the Coin Op"

Ep. 3

"Photo Ops"

"Boy's Best Fiend"

Ep. 4

"Mr. Fix It"


Ep. 5

"Secret Agent Manual"

"The Spy Who Liked Me"

Ep. 6

"To Err is Truman"

"No More Mrs. Nice X"

Ep. 7

"On Her Majesty's Postal Service"


Ep. 8

"From Crusha with Love"


Ep. 9

"You Only Sneeze Twice"

"X Takes a Holiday"

Ep. 10

"Mock Tutors"

"Meddle Mouth"

Ep. 11

"Family Issues"

"Truman's Choice"

Ep. 12

"Wealth vs. Stealth"

"Wee House"

Ep. 13: "Truman X: Super Villain"

Ep. 14

"A Truman Scorned"

"Y's Up"

Ep. 15

"Quit Your Day Job"

"Missing Home"

Ep. 16

"Live and Let Diaper"

"In-Law Enforcement"

Ep. 17

"Train Rex"


Ep. 18: "The Haunting of Homebase"

Ep. 19

"Accidental Hero"


Ep. 20

"Theater of War"

"Breaking Camp"

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