Dorothy Meets the Munchkins

Dorothy Finds a Friend

Adventures Along the Yellow Brick Road

The Journey to Emerald City

Saved by the Mouse Queen

The Emerald City At Last

The Wizard Wants a Favor

The Wicked Witch of the West

Dorothy's Magic Powers

Freedom from the Witch

Mombi, Tip and the Golden Cap

Back to the Emerald City

The Wizard's Disappointing Secret

The Wizard Tries to Help

Journey to the South

Glinda, The Good Witch

Home Sweet Home Again

Dorothy Meets the Wizard, Again

Back to Oz

Escape from Mombi

General Jinjur Attacks

Escape from the Emerald City

Tinman to the Rescue

Mombi's Terrible Magic

Trapped in the Palace

The Magical Escape

Glinda Agrees to Help

The Emerald City, Captured

Mombi's Attempt to Trick Glinda

Ozma, Princess of Oz

Tik Tok, The Mechanical Man

The Kidnapped Prince

The Deadly Desert

The Talking Hen

Monsters of Stone

The Underground Country of Nomes

The Deadly Guessing Game

Dorothy Outsmarts the King

The Secret Fear of the Nomes

The Nome King Sets a Trap

Saved by the Sun

The Nome King Plans Revenge

Princess Ozma's Secret

Miss Cuttenclip and Mister Fuddle

The Growleywog Joins the Nomes

The Water of Oblivion

Nomes on the March

A Winky Helps His King

The Crowning of Ozma

The Nomes Attack

Dorothy and Her Friends Defend the Palace

A Very Happy Ending

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