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The War of the Worlds (also known in promotional material as H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds) is a 1953 American science fiction film from Paramount Pictures, produced by George Pal, directed by Byron Haskin, and starring Gene Barry and Ann Robinson.

The film is a loose adaptation of the 1898 novel of the same name by H. G. Wells, the first of five film adaptations. It is a modern retelling of the 1897 novel, changing the setting from Victorian era-England to 1953 southern California. Earth is suddenly and unexpectedly invaded by Martians, and American scientist Clayton Forrester searches for any weakness that can stop them.

The War of the Worlds won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and went on to influence other science fiction films. In 2011, it was selected for the United States' National Film Registry in the Library of Congress, being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Howard Beals, Dan Johnson, Tommy Middleton, and Walter Oberst did sound effects (uncredited) with sound director Loren L. Ryder (uncredited). Ben Burtt remastered and contributed sound design at Skywalker Sound to the 2018 4K master.


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