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The Super Single Volume 1 is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 1991.

Sound Categories

Car Crash

Car Crash SS010101

Car Crash Roll 1 SS010201

Car Crash Roll 2 SS010202

Car Crash Roll 3 SS010203

Metal Scrape

Metal Scrapes 1 SS010301

Metal Scrapes 2 SS010302

Metal Scrapes 3 SS010303

Trash Can

Metal Trash Can Falls SS010401

Metal Trash Can Falls SS010402

Metal Trash Can Falls SS010403

Metal Impacts

Metal Impacts 1 SS010501

Metal Impacts 2 SS010502

Metal Impacts 3 SS010503

Metal Impacts 4 SS010504

Metal Impacts 5 SS010505

Metal Impacts Body 1 SS010601

Metal Impacts Body 2 SS010602

Metal Impacts Body 3 SS010603

Glass Crash

Glass Crash 1 SS010701

Glass Crash 2 SS010702

Glass Crash 3 SS010703

Glass Break

Glass Breaks 1 SS010801

Glass Breaks 2 SS010802

Glass Breaks 3 SS010803

Glass Breaks 4 SS010804

Door Kick

Door Kick WWood Crack SS010901

Door Kick WWood Crack SS010902

Door Kick WWood Crack SS010903

Door Kick WWood Crack SS010904

Door Kick WWood Crack SS010905

Rope Swish

Rope Snap Swish 1 SS011001

Rope Snap Swish 2 SS011002

Rope Snap Swish 3 SS011003

Wood Squeaks

Wood Squeaks 1 SS011101

Wood Squeaks 2 SS011102

Wood Squeaks 3 SS011103

Zip Bys

Zip Bys 11 SS011201

Zip Bys 12 SS011202

Zip Bys 21 SS011301

Zip Bys 22 SS011302

Zip Bys 23 SS011303

Zip Bys 24 SS011304

Zip Bys 31 SS011401

Zip Bys 32 SS011402

Zip Bys 33 SS011403

Zip Bys 34 SS011404

Zip Bys 41 SS011501

Zip Bys 42 SS011502

Zip Bys 43 SS011503

Zip Bys 44 SS011504

Zip Bys 45 SS011505


Punches 1 SS011601

Punches 2 SS011602

Punches 3 SS011603

Punches 4 SS011604

Punches 5 SS011605

Bullet Impacts

Bullet Impacts 1 SS011701

Bullet Impacts 2 SS011702


Stabs 1 SS011801

Stabs 2 SS011802

Stabs 3 SS011803

Stabs 4 SS011804

Battle Ambiences

War Background GunsS SS011901


Bow Arrow 1 SS012001

Bow Arrow 2 SS012002


Grenade Mortar Launc SS012101

Fire Ignites

Fire Ignite Ignition SS012201


Fuses Burning 1 SS012301

Fuses Burning 2 SS012302

Dynamite Plunger

Dynamite Plunger SS012401


Bazooka Firing Gun SS012501


Silencer Gun Shots 1 SS012601

Silencer Gun Shots 2 SS012602

Silencer Gun Shots 3 SS012603


Explosions 1 SS012701

Explosions 2 SS012702

Explosions 3 SS012703

Explosions 4 SS012704

Explosions 5 SS012705

Explosions 6 SS012706

Explosions 7 SS012707

Explosions 8 SS012708

Explosions 9 SS012709

Explosions 10 SS012710


Fireworks Spinners 1 SS012801

Fireworks Spinners 2 SS012802

Fireworks Spinners 3 SS012803

Fireworks Spinners 4 SS012804

Fireworks Spinners 5 SS012805

Fireworks Whistles 1 SS012901

Fireworks Whistles 2 SS012902

Fireworks Firecrack SS013001

Fireworks Firecrack SS013002


Rocket Takeoff Land 1 SS013101

Rocket Takeoff Land 2 SS013102

Race Cars

Race Car Bys 1 SS013201

Race Car Bys 2 SS013202

Car False Starts

Car False Starts 1 SS013301

Car False Starts 2 SS013302

Car False Starts 3 SS013303

Car Engine Die And Diesel Off

Car Engine Die Diesel SS013401

Car Engine Die Diesel SS013402

Car Engine Die Diesel SS013403

Gear Grinds

Gear Grinds 1 SS013501

Gear Grinds 2 SS013502

Gear Grinds 3 SS013503

Gear Grinds 4 SS013504

Car Horns

Car Horns 1 SS013601

Car Horns 2 SS013602

Car Horns 3 SS013603

Car Horns 4 SS013604

Car Horns 5 SS013605

Car Horns 6 SS013606

Car Horns 7 SS013607

Car Doors

Car Doors Oc 1 SS013701

Car Doors Oc 2 SS013702

Car Alarms

Car Alarm 1 SS013801

Car Alarm 2 SS013802

Car Alarm 3 SS013803

Car Alarm 4 SS013804

Car Alarm 5 SS013805

Car Alarm 6 SS013806

Car Alarm 7 SS013807

Car Alarm 8 SS013808

Tire Squeals

Tire Squeals 1 SS013901

Tire Squeals 2 SS013902

Tire Squeals 3 SS013903

Car Bys

Car Bys Fast Singles SS014001

Car Bys Fast Singles SS014002

Car Bys Fast Singles SS014003

Car Bys Fast Singles SS014004

Car Bys Fast Singles SS014005

Truck Bys

Truck Bys Fast Single SS014101

Truck Bys Fast Single SS014102

Truck Bys Fast Single SS014103

Truck Bys Fast Single SS014104

Truck Bys Fast Single SS014105

Steam Trains

Steam Train On Board SS014201


Subway Stop Away SS014301

Commuter Train

Commuter Train Bys 1 SS014401

Commuter Train Bys 2 SS014402

El Trains

El Train Bychicago El SS014501

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster Bys St SS014601

Roller Coaster Bys St SS014602

Roller Coaster Bys St SS014603

Roller Coaster Bys St SS014604

City Ambiences

City Background 1 Tra SS014701

City Background 2 Tra SS014801

City Traffic Third Wo SS014901

City Traffic Third Wo SS015001

City Traffic Third Wo SS015101

Jungle Ambiences

Jungle Ambience 1 SS015201

Jungle Ambience 2 SS015301


Bear Growls SS015401


Lion Growls Snarls SS015501


Tiger Growls Snarls SS015601


Dinosaur Growls 1 SS015701

Dinosaur Growls 2 SS015702

Dinosaur Growls 3 SS015703

Dinosaur Growls 4 SS015704


Parrot Talks 1 SS015801

Parrot Talks 2 SS015802

Parrot Talks 3 SS015803

Parrot Talks 4 SS015804

Wing Flaps

Wing Flaps Birds 1 SS015901

Wing Flaps Birds 2 SS015902

Wing Flaps Birds 3 SS015903

Wing Flaps Birds 4 SS015904

Record Scratches

Record Scratches 1 SS016001

Record Scratches 2 SS016002

Record Scratches 3 SS016003

Record Scratches 4 SS016004


Cartoon Boings 1 SS016101

Cartoon Boings 2 SS016102

Cartoon Boings 3 SS016103

Cartoon Boings 4 SS016104

Cartoon Boings 5 SS016105

Drum Hits

Cartoon Drum Hits 1 SS016201

Cartoon Drum Hits 2 SS016202

Cartoon Drum Hits 3 SS016203

Cartoon Drum Hits 4 SS016204

Cartoon Drum Hits 5 SS016205

Cartoon Drum Hits 6 SS016206

Cartoon Drum Hits 7 SS016207

Cartoon Drum Hits 8 SS016208

Cartoon Drum Hits 9 SS016209

Cartoon Drum Hits 10 SS016210

Cartoon Drum Hits 11 SS016211

Cartoon Drum Hits 12 SS016212


Cartoon Twangs 1 SS016301

Cartoon Twangs 2 SS016302

Cartoon Twangs 3 SS016303

Cartoon Twangs 4 SS016304

Cartoon Twangs 5 SS016305

Cartoon Twangs 6 SS016306

Cartoon Twangs 7 SS016307

Cartoon Twangs 8 SS016308

Cartoon Twangs 9 SS016309

Cartoon Twangs 10 SS016310

Cartoon Twangs 11 SS016311

Cartoon Twangs 12 SS016312

Boink Horn

Cartoon Boink Horn 1 SS016401

Cartoon Boink Horn 2 SS016402


Cartoon Streaks 1 SS016501

Cartoon Streaks 2 SS016502

Cartoon Streaks 3 SS016503

Cartoon Streaks 4 SS016504

Cartoon Streaks 5 SS016505

Cartoon Streaks 6 SS016506


Cartoon Pops 1 SS016601

Cartoon Pops 2 SS016602

Wood Twangs

Cartoon Wood Twangs 1 SS016701

Cartoon Wood Twangs 2 SS016702

Cartoon Wood Twangs 3 SS016703

Head Bonk

Cartoon Head Bonk Twe SS016801

Cartoon Head Bonk Twe SS016802


Splash Water SS016901

Gavel Hits

Gavel Hits Court Judg SS017001

Gavel Hits Court Judg SS017002

Air Horn

Air Horn SS017101

Fog Horn

Fog Horn 1 SS017201

Fog Horn 2 SS017202


Thunder SS017301


Rumble SS017401


Servos 1 SS017501

Servos 2 SS017502

Servos 3 SS017503

Servos 4 SS017504

Servos 5 SS017505

Servos 6 SS017506

Servos 7 SS017507

Servos 8 SS017508


Phone Fx Telephone 1 SS017601

Phone Fx Telephone 2 SS017602

Phone Fx Telephone 3 SS017603

Phone Fx Telephone 4 SS017604


Buttons 1 SS017701

Buttons 2 SS017702

Buttons 3 SS017703

Buttons 4 SS017704

Buttons 5 SS017705

Buttons 6 SS017706


Switches 1 SS017801

Switches 2 SS017802

Switches 3 SS017803

Switches 4 SS017804

Switches 5 SS017805


Computer Keystroke 1 SS017901

Computer Keystroke 2 SS017902

Computer Keystroke 3 SS017903


Typing Computer Elec SS018001

Typing Computer Elec SS018002

Typing Computer Elec SS018003

Door Wood

Door Oc 1 SS018101

Door Oc 2 SS018102

Door Oc 3 SS018103


Locks Door 1 SS018201

Locks Door 2 SS018202

Foley Footsteps

Footsteps On Wood Sin SS018301

Footsteps On CementS SS018401

Footsteps On Dirt Sin SS018501

Footsteps On GravelS SS018601

Footsteps On Grass Si SS018701

Footsteps On HollowW SS018801

Footsteps High Heals SS018901

Footsteps On Wood Dou SS019001

Footsteps On CementD SS019101

Footsteps On Dirt Dou SS019201

Footsteps On GravelD SS019301

Footsteps On Grass Do SS019401

Footsteps On HollowW SS019501

Footsteps On Linoleu SS019601


Crowd Large SS019701

Crowd Medium SS019801

Crowd Very Large SS019901


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