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6th March, 2021 - 29th March, 2021

The Sodor Springtime Parade is the third out of four mini series of online videos made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Railway Series. The series follows Thomas as he has to prepare for the Sodor Springtime Parade. Throughout the series, he is accompanied by two bunnies. The series is once again animated by WildBrain Studios while carrying over the animation style of it's predecessor, and much like the last two series, John Hasler exclusively voices Thomas while Rob Rackstraw voices all other male characters, and Rachael Miller voices all the female characters, with the exception of Nia, whom which Yvonne Grundy reprises her role as her. Despite being made to celebrate the 75th anniversary, the series arrived a year late for the occasion.

Along with the story shorts, songs for each respective short were also made, performed by Rachael Miller.

Unlike the previous two series, this one runs at a runtime of 4 minutes as opposed to 2:10. The songs, however, run at the latter's runtime.


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