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"Smurfquest" (Act I–IV)

Part 1

Part 2

"Gargamel's New Job"

"Grouchy Makes a Splash"

"No Smurf Is an Island"

"Don Smurfo"

"The Prince and the Hopper"

"Smurfette's Gift"

"The Most Popular Smurf"

"A Loss of Smurf"

"The Last Whippoorwill"

"The Color Smurfy"

"Lazy's Nightmare"

"All the Smurf's a Stage"

"Smurfs on Wheels"

"The Littlest Viking"

"Baby's New Toy"

"Bringing Up Bigfeet"

"Scarlet Croaker"

"Calling Doctor Smurf"

"Can't Smurf the Music"

"The Royal Drum"

"It's a Puppy's Life"

"Sweepy Smurf"

"Journey to the Center of the Smurf"

"The Tallest Smurf"

"Essence of Brainy"

"Dr. Evil & Mr. Nice"

"The Root of Evil"

"Tattle-Tail Smurfs"

"Greedy Goes on Strike"

"Crying Smurfs"

"Future Smurfed"

"Gargamel's Dummy"

"Smurf on the Run"

"A Myna Problem"

"The Horn of Plenty"

"I Smurf to the Trees"

"Clumsy's Cloud"

"Bookworm Smurf"

"Farmer's Genie"

"Master Scruple"

"Scruple's Sweetheart"

"The World According to Smurflings"

"The Enchanted Quill"

"The Most Unsmurfy Game"

"Put Upon Puppy"

"Heart of Gold"

"The Village Vandal"

"The Gallant Smurf"

"Sassette's Tooth"

"Snappy's Way"

"Fire-Fighting Smurfs"

"Handy's Window Vision"

"Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf"

"Jokey's Cloak"

"Papa's Last Spell"

"Lure of the Orb"

"Smurfette's Flower"

"Reckless Smurfs"

"Head Over Hogatha"