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The Secret Agent of Japan (Chinese: 日本間諜 Pinyin: Rìběn jiàndié) is a 1943 Chinese spy film directed by James Yuan for the China Film Studio. The film's plot is a story of Italians working in China who are clearly Japanese spies, but secretly pass on information for the anti-Japanese troops.


During the Japanese occupation of the three eastern provinces, the Italian Vansper (范斯伯) had to succumb to the Japanese army because his family was threatened by the Japanese. The Japanese secret service ordered him and his partner Lao Yin to blow up the Soviet soybean train. Vansper told the volunteer army Du Jun in the middle of the night. The volunteer army intercepted the explosives and blew up the Japanese military vehicle. In order to fight back, the Japanese kidnapped Kasb (卡斯布), a Jew living in Harbin, and wanted to extort money from him. Kasb refused to give in, and the Japanese army brutally killed Kasb's youngest son. Vansper provided evidence of the kidnapping case to the court, but the court declared that the Japanese soldiers involved in the kidnapping were not guilty. Lao Yin joined the Volunteer Army under the encouragement of Vansper. The Japanese army wanted to secretly execute Vansper in revenge. Vansper fled Harbin after hearing the news.

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