Season 1

"Stimpy's Big Day"

"The Big Shot!"

"Robin Höek"

"Nurse Stimpy"

"Space Madness"

"The Boy Who Cried Rat!"

"Big House Blues"

"The Littlest Giant"

"Fire Dogs"


"Untamed World"

"Black Hole"

"Stimpy's Invention"

Season 2

"In the Army"

"Powdered Toast Man"

"Ren's Toothache"

"Out West"

"Rubber Nipple Salesmen"

"Svën Höek"

"Haunted House"

"Mad Dog Höek"

"Big Baby Scam"

"Dog Show"

"Son of Stimpy"

"Monkey See, Monkey Don't!"

"Fake Dad"

"The Great Outdoors"

"The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball"

"Stimpy's Fan Club"

"A Visit to Anthony"

"The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen"

"Man's Best Friend"

Season 3

"To Salve and Salve Not!"

"A Yard Too Far"

"Circus Midgets"

"No Pants Today"

"Ren's Pecs"

"An Abe Divided"

"Stimpy's Cartoon Show"

"Jimminy Lummox"

"Bass Masters"

"Road Apples"

"Ren's Retirement"

"Jerry the Bellybutton Elf"

"Hard Times for Haggis"

"Eat My Cookies"

"Ren's Bitter Half"

"Lair of the Lummox"

Season 4

"Hermit Ren"

"House of Next Tuesday"

"A Friend in Your Face!"

"Blazing Entrails"

"Lumber Jerks"

"Prehistoric Stimpy"

"Farm Hands"

"Magical Golden Singing Cheeses"

"A Hard Day's Luck"

"I Love Chicken"

"Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman"

"It's a Dog's Life"

"Egg Yölkeo"

"Double Header"

"The Scotsman in Space"

"Pixie King"

"Aloha Höek"

"Insomniac Ren"

"My Shiny Friend"

"Cheese Rush Days"

"Wiener Barons"

"Galoot Wranglers"

"Ren Needs Help!"

"Ol' Blue Nose"

"Stupid Sidekick Union"

"Superstitious Stimpy"


Season 5

"Space Dogged"

"Feud for Sale"

"Hair of the Cat"

"City Hicks"

"Stimpy's Pet"

"Ren's Brain"


"Dog Tags"

"I Was a Teenage Stimpy"

"Who's Stupid Now?"

"School Mates"

"Dinner Party"

"Big Flakes"

"Pen Pals"

"Terminal Stimpy"

"Reverend Jack"

"A Scooter for Yaksmas"

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