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The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy

The Puppy's Great Adventure

The Puppy's Amazing Rescue

The Puppy Saves the Circus

Season 1

"The Treasure of the Ancient Ruins"

"The Puppy's Dangerous Mission"

"The American Puppy in Paris"

"The Puppy and the Pirates"

"The Mystery of the Wailing Cat"

"The Puppy's Australian Adventure"

"The Puppy and the Reluctant Bull"

"The Puppy's Hong Kong Adventure"

"Honolulu Puppy"

"The Puppy's Great Escape"

"The Puppy's Great Race"

"The Puppy's Amazon Adventure"

"Petey and the 101 Seals"

Season 2

"Glyder the Misfit Puppy"

"The Puppy Goes Home"

"The Puppy and the Badlands"

"The Puppy in Omega World"

"The Puppy and the Spies"

"The Puppy Goes to College"

"The Puppy and the Brown Eyed Girl"

"The Biggest Diamond in the World"