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November 26, 1956 – Present

The Price is Right is a long-running American game show. It first started out in 1956 with Bill Cullen as host. Then, in 1972, the show changed with Bob Barker as the host. He continued to host until June 15, 2007, when he retired from television after 50 years. Drew Carey is currently host ever since October 15, 2007. The show's format is simple; four contestants are asked to, "COME ON DOWN!" to contestants row and bid on a prize. The one who bids closest to the actual retail price without going over wins the prize. Then, the winner plays a pricing game for a chance at more cash and prizes. In each of the halves of the show, there is the showcase showdown, where the top 3 winners of the half compete by spinning the big wheel. The contestant must not go over $1.00 to win. If the contestant does win, he/she goes to the showcase. The final round is the showcases, where the top two contestants of the day see showcases and bid on them. Again, the closest bid without going over wins. If the contestant is $250 off or less, he/she wins both showcases.

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