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The Premiere Edition Volume 9 is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2008.


It contains a collection of rare sound effects that many of them have been reused from various sound effects libraries such as the Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library, The Premiere Edition Volume 1, etc.

Sound Categories


Chicken Coop Ambienc PE910101


Cattle Drive Light Wh PE910201

Cattle Drive Slw Pace PE910202


Cow Cowbell Mvmt Wind PE910203

Cow Cowbell Mvmt Wind PE910204

Cow Cowbell Mvmt Wind PE910205

Cow Cowbell Mvmt Wind PE910206

Cow Classic Moo PE910301

Cow Classic Moo PE910302

Cow Excited Bellow PE910303

Cow Moo Generic PE910304

Cow Moo Generic PE910305

Cow Moo Shorter PE910306

Cow Moo Calf PE910307

Cow Moo Classic Inter PE910308

Cow Moos Grunts PE910309


Donkey Amb Complaini PE910401

Donkey Hee Haw PE910402

Donkey Human Hee Haw PE910403

Donkey Huuuuuh Groan PE910404


Goat Baah Neigh PE910501

Goat Baah Neigh PE910502

Goat Baah Neigh Close PE910503

Goat Baah Neigh Close PE910504

Goat Baah Neigh Muffl PE910505

Goat Baah Neigh PE910506


Moorhen Croak Call PE910601


Pig Grunt Squeals PE910701

Pig Grunts Agitated PE910702

Pig Grunts Breathing PE910703

Pig Grunts Energetic PE910704

Pig Grunts Low Key PE910705

Pig Grunts Squeals PE910706

Pig Multiple Grunts PE910707

Pig Screams Close Up PE910801

Pig Screams Wails X3 PE910802

Pig Screech Painful PE910803

Pig Screech Quick Sno PE910804

Pig Screech Snort Hig PE910805

Pig Screech Snort Hig PE910806

Pig Screeches Consta PE910901

Pig Snorts Breaths PE910902

Pig Squeal Painful PE910903

Pig Squeal Wail PE910904

Pig Squeal Breath X3 PE910905

Pig Squeals Pain PE910906


Rooster Kurrawong Di PE911001

Rooster Cry Distance PE911002

Rooster Cry Distance PE911003

Rooster Early Mornin PE911004


Sheep Goats GeneralM PE911101

Sheep Baah CU2 PE911102

Sheep Baah Close Up PE911103

Sheep Baahs Med X2 PE911104


Bat Call Scream Laugh PE911201

Bat Call Scream Laugh PE911202

Bat Screech Shrt Rasp PE911203

Bat Shriek Call PE911204

Bats Grp Twittering PE911205


Woods Quiet Amb Birds PE911301

Morning Birds Chirpi PE911302


Seagull Calls Ocean PE911303


Canary Call Chirp PE911401

Canary Call Chirp PE911402

Canary Call Chirp PE911403

Canary Call Chirp PE911404

Canary Call Chirp PE911405

Canary Call Chirp PE911406

Canary Call Chirp PE911407

Canary Call Chirp PE911408

Canary Call Chirp PE911409

Canary Call Chirp PE911410

Canary Call Chirp PE911411

Canary Call Chirp PE911412


Jacana Canary AlarmC PE911413


Cardinal Call Chirp PE911501


Chicken Cackles Buck PE911601

Chicken Cackles Laug PE911602

Chicken Cackles Laug PE911603

Chicken Cluck Buck PE911604

Chicken Coop PE911605

Chicken Coop PE911606


Cockatoo Roseate Agi PE911701

Cockatoo Roseate Cal PE911702

Cockatoo Roseate Chi PE911703

Cockatoo Roseate Chi PE911704


Brown Headed Cowbird PE911801

Brown Headed Cowbird PE911802

Brown Headed Cowbird PE911803

Brown Headed Cowbird PE911804


Crane Calling Cluck PE911901

Sandhill Crane Cluck PE911902


Critter Critting Bir PE912001


Crow Caw Bizarre PE912101

Crow Caw Classic X4 PE912102

Crow Caw Downer PE912103

Crow Caw Single PE912104

Crow Caw Single PE912105

Crow Caw Single PE912106

Crow Caws Classic X2 PE912107

Crow Caws Classic X5 PE912108

Crow Caws Fast X4 PE912109

Crow Caws Obnoxious X PE912110

Crow Caws Quickly X2 PE912111

Crow Caws X7 Flying Aw PE912112

Crows Call To Each Oth PE912113

Crows Cawing Calling PE912114

Crows Cawing Angrily PE912115

Crows Cawing Angrily PE912116

Crows Cawing Fightin PE912117


Dove Coos Wings PE912201

Dove Pigeon Coo Low PE912202

Dove Pigeon Coo PE912203


Ducks Quacking Squaw PE912301


Geese Quack Call PE912302


Bald Eagle Call PE912401

Bald Eagle Chirps PE912402

Bald Eagle Honks PE912403

Eagle Chirps Calls PE912404

Eagle Echo Attack PE912405

Eagle Scream Caw X2 PE912406

Eagle Scream Caw X4 PE912407

Eagle Scream Caw PE912408

Eagle Screech Echo PE912409

Eagle Screech Echo PE912410

Eagle Screech Echo PE912411


Hawk Screech Scream PE912412


Falcon Call Screech PE912501


Red Shafted Fletcher PE912601


Flicker Chirp Loop PE912701

Flicker Chirp Single PE912702


Flycatcher Chirp Cal PE912801


Geese Annoying Angry PE912802

Goose African Call PE912803

Goose African CallsX PE912804


Hawk Call Half Spd X2 PE912805

Hawk Call Sngl Classi PE912806

Hawk Call Single PE912807

Hawk Lng Screech PE912808

Hawk Long Squeal PE912809

Hawk Low Yell PE912810

Hawk Screech Generic PE912811

Hawk Squeaks Multiple PE912812

Hawk Squeaks Multipl PE912813

Hawk Squeaks Whistle PE912814

Hawk Squeaks Whistle PE912901

Hawk Red Tailed Scree PE912902

Hawk Red Tailed Scree PE912903

Belded Kingfisher

Belded Kingfisher Ca PE913001

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird Cal PE913002

Kiskadee Bird

Kiskadee Bird Call PE913101

Kiskadee Bird Call PE913102


Kurrawong Call Dista PE913201


Barrel Owl Hoots PE914101

Bird Owl Hoot PE914102

Owl Call BGCrickets PE914103

Owl African Hoot PE914104


Red Rumped ParakeetC PE914201

Mynah Bird

Mynah Bird Laugh PE914301


Parrot Call Throaty PE914302

Parrot Chuckle Squaw PE914303

Parrot Squawk Angry PE914304

Parrot Squawk Angry PE914305

Parrot Squawk Angry PE914306

Parrot Squawking Thr PE914307

Spot Sandpiper

Spot Sandpiper Alarm PE914401


Quail Call Other Bird PE914501


Raven Call Single PE914605

Wood Thrush

Wood Thrush SingingA PE915510


Bird Chirping Whistl PE915604

Bird Calling Chirpin PE915802


Vulture Land After Fl PE915806


Wing Flaps Soft PE916011


Cat Howl Gnarly Meows PE916602

Cat Meow Purr Grunt BG PE916810

Cat Meows Purring PE916904

Cat Shriek Single PE916910

Cats Fighting Loud Sc PE917007


Coon Hound Dog Howl Cl PE917101

Coon Hound Dog Howl X3 PE917102

Coon Hound Dog Howl PE917103

Coon Hound Dog Lickin PE917104

Doberman Dog Bark Ind PE917105

Doberman Dog Bark Ind PE917106

Doberman Dog Bark Ind PE917107

Dog Bark Double PE917108

Dog Bark Generic PE917109

Dog Bark Generic PE917110

Dog Bark Generic X2 PE917201

Dog Bark Generic X3 PE917202

Dog Bark Generic Clos PE917203

Dog Bark Generic Clos PE917204

Dog Bark Generic Clos PE917205

Dog Bark Generic PE917206

Dog Bark Nasty PE917207

Dog Bark Nasty PE917208

Dog Bark Snarl PE917209

Dog Bark Howls Exteri PE917210

Dog Bark To Snarl PE917301

Dog Bark Generic Clos PE917302

Dog Bark CUHigh Pitch PE917303

Dog Bark CUHigh Pitch PE917304

Dog Bark Woof PE917305

Dog Barking Storm PE917306

Dog Barks Howl Exteri PE917307

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917308

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917309

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917310

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917401

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917402

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917403

Dog Barks Howls Exter PE917404

Dog Barks Howls LotsA PE917405

Dog Coughs Throaty Mu PE917406

Dog Growl To Bark PE917407

Dog Growl To Bark PE917408

Dog Growling Angry PE917409

Dog Happy Barks X2 Ind PE917410

Dog High Pitched Sque PE917501

Dog Howl After One Dog PE917502

Dog Licks Pants PE917503

Dog Pant Rapidly Clos PE917504

Dog Panting Hvy PE917505

Dog Panting Loop PE917506

Dog Run On Solid Surfa PE917507

Dog Wanting Growl PE917508

Dog Wanting Moan Extr PE917509

Dog Yelp Painful PE917510

Dogs Bark Howl Multip PE917601

Dogs Bark Howl X3 PE917602

Dogs Bark Howl PE917603

Dogs Bark Exterior PE917604

Dogs Bark Meaty Exter PE917605

Dogs Barking Howling PE917606

Dogs Barking Sparse PE917607

Dogs Howl Many PE917608

Dogs Howling Doing Do PE917609

Dogs Howling Ext Loop PE917610

Dogs Howling Barking PE917701

Dogs Yelp Whine Howl PE917702

Puppy Dog Bark PE917703

Shepherd Dog Bark Ind PE917704

Shepherd Dog Bark Ind PE917705

Shepherd Dog Bark Ind PE917706

Shepherd Dog Bark Out PE917707

Shepherd Dog Barking PE917708

Shepherd Dog Barking PE917709

Shepherd Dog Dbl Bark PE917710

Shepherd Dog Growlin PE917801

Shepherd Dog Yelp Out PE917802

Shepherd Dog Yelp Out PE917803

Sml Dog Barking PE917804

Terrier Dog Angry Bar PE917805

Terrier Dog Bark Indo PE917806

Terrier Dog Bark Indo PE917807

Dog Bark Generic PE917901

Dog Bark Generic PE917902

Dog Bark Generic X2 PE917903

Dog Bark Generic PE917904

Dog Bark X2 Generic PE917905

Dog Bark Yelp PE917906

Dog Bark Yelp Lower PE917907

Dog Bark Yelp Lower PE917908

Dog Bark Yelp Lower PE917909

Dog Bark Yelp PE917910

Dog Bark Husky Bark Pa PE918001

Dog Bark Husky Defens PE918002

Dog Bark Husky Normal PE918003

Dog Bark Husky X4 PE918004

Dog Bark Reaction Fro PE918005

Dog Barks Daytime Ech PE918006

Dog Barks Husky Growl PE918007

Dogs Barking 3 Dogs On PE918008

Dogs Barking Crying PE918009

Dogs Barking Angry Di PE918010

Dogs Barking One Clos PE918011

Dogs Barking To Cryin PE918012

Dogs Howling Sadly Ex PE918013

Dogs Howling Upset Do PE918014

Dogs Much Howling Bar PE918015

Pit Bull AggressiveB PE918101

Pit Bull AggressiveB PE918102

Pit Bull Bark Growl Ba PE918103

Pit Bull Barking Norm PE918104

Pit Bull Breath Snarl PE918105

Pit Bull Coughing Spi PE918106

Pit Bull Drinking PE918107

Pit Bull Eating Snort PE918108

Pit Bull Eating PE918109

Pit Bull Friendly Bar PE918110

Pit Bull Friendly Dog PE918111

Pit Bull Gargle Growl PE918112

Pit Bull Gargle Multi PE918113

Pit Bull Growl Throat PE918114

Pit Bull Growling Gar PE918115

Pit Bull Growling PE918116

Pit Bull Gulp Pant Mvm PE918201

Pit Bull Hvy Breath Sn PE918202

Pit Bull Idl SnoringE PE918203

Pit Bull Inhale Gargl PE918204

Pit Bull Panting TugW PE918205

Pit Bull Panting NonT PE918206

Pit Bull Quiet Threat PE918207

Pit Bull Rock GargleS PE918208

Pit Bull Shrt GargleA PE918209

Pit Bull Threatening PE918210

Pit Bull Threatening PE918211

Pit Bull Throaty Grow PE918212

Pit Bull Tug War Breat PE918213

Pit Bull Tug War Growl PE918214

Pit Bull Tug War Meane PE918215

Pit Bull Tug War Snort PE918216

Pit Bull Angry Gargle PE918217

Rottweiler Bark PE918301

Rottweiler Bark PE918302

Rottweiler Barks X2 PE918303

Rottweiler Growl Bar PE918304

Rottweiler Growl Bre PE918305

Rottweiler Growl Har PE918306

Rottweiler Growl Sna PE918307

Rottweiler Growl Vic PE918308

Rottweiler Growl Vic PE918309

Rottweiler Inhale Gr PE918310

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918311

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918312

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918313

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918314

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918315

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918316

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918317

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918401

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918402

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918403

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918404

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918405

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918406

Rottweiler ViciousB PE918407

Rottweiler ViciousG PE918408

Rottweiler ViciousG PE918409

Rottweiler ViciousG PE918410

Rottweiler ViciousG PE918411

Rottweiler ViciousS PE918412

Rottweiler ViciousS PE918413

Rottweiler Warble Vi PE918414

Doberman Dog Moan Ind PE918501

Doberman Dog Moan Ind PE918502

Doberman Dog Moan Ind PE918503

Dog Happy Whimpers PE918504

Dog Whimper Bark PE918505

Dog Whimper Howl PE918506

Dog Whimper Distress PE918507

Dog Whimper Fst Exter PE918508

Dog Whimper Quick PE918509

Dog Whimper Sad PE918510

Dog Whimper Whine X2 PE918601

Dog Whimper Whine Cry PE918602

Dog Whimper Whine Cry PE918603

Dog Whimper Whine PE918604

Dog Whimpering Sml Ba PE918605

Dog Whimpering Barks PE918606

Dog Whimpering Natur PE918607

Dog Whimpering Sad PE918608

Dog Whimpering Sml Ye PE918609

Dog Whimpering Yelp PE918610

Dog Whine Whimper PE918701

Dog Whine Whimper PE918702

Dog Whines High Pitch PE918703

Dog Whines High Pitch PE918704

Dog Whines Sad PE918705

Dog Whining Dont Go PE918706

Dog Whining Pleading PE918707

Dog Whining Happy Bar PE918708

Dog Whining Barks PE918709

Dog Whimper Then Litt PE918710

Dogs Whining Whimper PE918801

Puppy Dog Whine Sad PE918802

Puppy Dog Whine PE918803

Puppy Whimpering Whi PE918804


Horse Blow Generic PE920105

Horse Neighs Loop PE922006

Horse Snort Sml Sharp PE922901

Horse Whinny Excited PE923604

Horse Whinny HigherH PE923705

Horse Whinny Wild PE923902

Horses 5 Run Stp Breat PE924101

Horses Neighing Sque PE924302

Horse Whinny Neigh Cl PE925001

Horse Whinny Neigh Di PE925101


Crix Cicadas Loop Nig PE925806


Fly Buzz Low PitchedL PE925905

Bird Call

Birds Chirping BusyJ PE926401

African Animals Crickets PE926402

Bird Call Jungle Clas PE926403


Chimp Ha Ha Laughter PE926701

Engine Roar

Car Tiger Engine Roar PE930401


Bull Bellows GroansX PE930501


Coyote Bark Howl High PE931001


Frog Croak Single PE931201

Frog Croak Single PE931202

Frog Croak Single PE931203


Hyena Asthmatic Gasp PE931401

Hyena Asthmatic Grow PE931402

Hyena Bigger Asthmat PE931403

Hyena Bigger Gasp Cal PE931404

Hyena Dying Gasps Bre PE931405

Hyena Gasp Croak Clos PE931406

Hyena Gasp Exhales PE931407

Hyena Gasp Growl PE931408

Hyena Gasp Roar PE931409

Hyena Gasp PE931410

Hyena Gasps Growls Th PE931411

Hyena Growl ThroatyI PE931412

Hyena Growling CUAst PE931413

Hyena Hoarse Call Gro PE931414

Hyena Inhale Gasp PE931415


Kodiak Bear From Burg PE931604


Lion Growl Angry Gene PE931903


Tiger Roar Strong PE935203


Wolf Growl Mean PE936901

Wolf Snarl Growl Shor PE936902

World Snarls GrowlsM PE936903


Whistle Animal PE936904


Wolf Bark Growl Hiss PE937001

Wolf Growl Angry PE937101

Wolf Howl Close ManyB PE937102

Wolf Howl Edited Clea PE937201

Wolf Howl Higher Pitc PE937301

Wolf Howl Lone High Pi PE937401

Wolf Howl PlaintiffS PE937501

Wolf Howl Single PE937502

Wolf Howl Sngl Classi PE937601

Wolf Howl Sngl X5 Bird PE937701

Wolf Howl Sngl FuzzyS PE937801

Wolf Howl Sngl PE937802

Wolf Howl X3 Dog Like PE937901

Wolf Howl X3 Sngl Plai PE938001

Wolf Howl Cry Lng Smoo PE938101

Wolf Howl Cry Lng BGWo PE938201

Wolf Howl Cry Smooth PE938301

Wolf Howl Lone High Pi PE938401

Wolf Howl Moan PE938501

Wolf Howl Moan Solo PE938502

Wolf Howl Moan PE938601

Wolf Howl Sngl Exteri PE938602

Wolf Howling Classic PE938701

Wolf Howling Pitch Up PE938801

Wolf Howling X3 PE938901

Wolf Howls Sml Whimpe PE939001

Wolf Howls Strt Low Bu PE939002

Wolf Howls Then Respo PE939101

Wolf Howls X4 TranceA PE939201

Wolf Howls X5 Moon PE939301

Wolf Howls X6 Howls Na PE939401

Wolves 3 Dist Howl PE939501


Baby Squealing Compl PE940101

Baby Squealing Compl PE940102

Baby Squealing Compl PE940103

Baby Male Yells Happy PE940104

Cartoon & Comedy

Sweeps Flanges Comed PE940401

Boing Drum Repeater PE940501

Boing Sustain PE940502

Boing Echo Fade Out PE940503

Boink Bing Simple PE940504

Jaw Harp Twang VocalA PE940505

Poink Cartoon Thud Lo PE940506

Weird Toy Almost ALau PE940507

Coo Coo Clock Going Of PE940601

Door Creaking Open PE940701

Drum Effects Reverse PE940702

Cartoon Record Scrat PE940703

Wubble Wobble Spring PE940704

Baritone Horn Honk Go PE940705

Bulb Horn Honk PE940706

Honk Hit Cymbal PE940707

Horn Party Sngl Blow PE940708

Moan Drone PE940709

Bewew Echoed Silly No PE940710

Growl Grumble Comedi PE940801

Muddy Cartoon Boinks PE940901

Coconut Comedic Hit PE941001

Coconut Comedic Hit PE941002

Impact Room Ambience PE941003

Bell Bonk Ring PE941004

Boing Boink GenericC PE941005

Boink Bonk Ascending PE941006

Boink Bork Flatulent PE941007

Boink Drum Quality PE941008

Boink Metal Quality PE941009

Boinks Percussion Va PE941101

Bonk Pseudo String Pl PE941201

Boing Twang Effect Mo PE941202

Honk Cartoon Marx Bro PE941203

Musical Boinks Whist PE941301

Wheezy Honk Cymbal PE941302

Whompchh Thud Impact PE941303

Kazoo Fly Talks PE941401

Buzzes Honks Whirls P PE941501

Plop Juicy Comical PE941601

Wee Blurp Zip PE941602

Plunger Step Suck PE941603

Cork Pop Reverb PE941604

Snap Sudden Cartoon PE941605

Ratchet Twist Comedi PE941606

Raspberry Mouth Soun PE941607

Cork Squeak No Pop PE941608

Growl Comedic Squeeg PE941609

Squeak Stretch Comed PE941610

Squeak Twist Comedic PE941611

Squeaks Pops Burbles PE941701

Squishy Banana Comed PE941702

Squishy Gooey Comedi PE941801

Squishy Squeak Whoos PE941901

Fake Teeth Chatter PE941902

Ascending Slide Whis PE941903

Pawn Whistles Silly PE942001

Whistle Slide Down PE942002

Whistle Slide Down 10 PE942003

Whistle Slide Down 10 PE942004

Whistle Slide Down PE942101

Whistle Slide Up PE942102

Whistle Slide Up 100K PE942103

Whistle Slide Up 100K PE942201

Whistle Slide Up PE942202

Whistle Comedy Shrt B PE942301

Whistle Comedy Shrt B PE942401

Whistle Comedy Shrt B PE942501

Whistle Comedy Shrt B PE942502


Crowd Cheer Appls Out PE944402

Crowd Yeah Big CheerO PE949901

Crowd Cheers Then Boo PE952201

Crowd Angry Med Loope PE953201

Children Giggle Cute PE953401

Children Loop Kinder PE953501

Children Loop Kinder PE953601

Children Loop Kinder PE953701

Children Loop Kinder PE953801

Children Loop Play Sc PE953901

Children Loop Play Sc PE954001

Children Play On Play PE954101

Children Play Outdoo PE954201

Children Play Outsid PE954301

Children Dist From Ba PE954401

Children French Play PE954501

Children Grp Amb Yell PE954601

Children Grp Happily PE954602

Children Grp Idl Chee PE954603

Children Grp Idl LrgF PE954701

Children Grp Yell Scr PE954801

Children Grp Yell Scr PE954802

Children Sml Grp Laug PE954803

Children Sml Grp Yell PE954901

Crowd Spanish Kids Am PE955001

Venezuelan Cowboy Cr PE956701

Crowd Med Disappoint PE961201

Crowd Med Shock PE961301

Pop Bottle

Pop Bottle Being Open PE973304


Laugh Evil Old Man PE974801


Female Orgasm Sex Moa PE975101


Blood Pump Heart Sngl PE975801


Face Punch Wham PE977301


Werewolf Breath Quie PE981113


Pool Hit Ball Pocket PE982308

Ice Skates

Ice Skates CUHalf Spd PE983402


Umpire Yell Youre Out PE984403


River Fst Loop PE991802

Waterfall Sml Loop PE996001

Water Mvmt Looped Sha PE997301

Wave Swells Washing PE998002


Fountain Spanish Cl PE1001701


Rain Fall Medium PE1005201


Lightning Strike Ti PE1006702


Thunder Crack Impac PE1006401

Lightning Strike Ti PE1006702

Thunder Clap Rumble PE1007103

Thunder Clap Gun Sho PE1007202

Thunder Clap Head Sh PE1007203

Thunder Crack Mono PE1007303

Thunder Crack Rumbl PE1007302

Thunder Crack Short PE1007402

Thunder Crack Gun Sh PE1007605

Thunder Crack HighP PE1007703

Thunder Crack Sml Cr PE1008201

Thunder Crack Stron PE1008202

Thunder Crack Pre Cr PE1008003

Thunder Crack Viole PE1008302

Thunder Hard Crash PE1008502

Thunder Rip Rumble PE1008603

Thunder Rip Crack PE1008604

Thunder Air Rip Loop PE1009201

Thunder Air Ripping PE1009202

Thunder Evil Wind PE1009301

Thunder Hard Attack PE1009401

Thunder Sharp Attac PE1009402

Thunder Shrt CrackH PE1009403

Thunder Sngl Clap Hv PE1009602


Glider Take Off Mono PE1009901


Wind Hvy Blowing PE1009902

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