The Premiere Edition Volume 7 is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2006.

Sound Categories

PE-71 - Sedan & Muscle Car Sets

PE-72 - MGB & S.U.V. Sets

PE-73 - Truck Set & Various Auto Operations

PE-74 - Traffic Backgrounds

PE-75 - City Backgrounds

PE-76 - Construction

PE-77 - Footsteps, Laughter & Children Vocals

PE-78 Wind, Water, & Mud

PE-79 - Train Station, Retail & Services Backgrounds

PE-80 - Animals, Doors, Buttons, Foley, & Medical



72 Plym Rv Rse Revs PE717601

72 Plym Slow By Away PE717701

72 Plym Slow Pass By PE717702

72 Plym Slow Passes PE717703

72 Plym Neutral Revs PE717801

72 Plym Drive Pothole PE717901

72 Plym Drive Pothole PE718001

72 Plym Light Accel OB PE718101

72 Plym Heater Fan PE718201

72 Plym Indicator PE718301

73 Polara On Pass Awy PE718401

73 Polara On Pass Awy PE718402

73 Polara Slw Pass Sto PE718501

73 Polara OBStdy 55 PE718601

73 Polara OBStdy 55 PE718701

73 Polara OBStdy 55 PE718801

73 Polara OBStdy 60 PE718901



Rover Start Idle Off PE726902



Semi Diesel Dopp Horn PE731201


Car Engine Sputter PE733001


Old Klaxon Car Horn PE735001

33 Pontiac Horn Blow 3 PE735805

1960 Car Horn Large Am PE736601

1960 Car Horn Large Am PE736602

1960 Car Horn Large Am PE736603


Vehicles-Skids & Tires

Vintage Cars Wet Road PE741101



Busy City Sirens 72nd PE750201

City Side Street BG PE750901



750 Dozer Digging PE761401


Crowd-Laugh Happy

Man Hysterical Laugh PE772701

Crowd-Applause & Cheer

Crowd Light Laughter PE773501



Ind Gust Wind PE780101

Ind Gust Wind PE780201

Ind Gust Wind PE780301

Ind Gust Wind PE780401

Ind Gust Wind PE780501

Ind Gust Wind PE780601

Ind Gust Wind PE780701

Soft Wind Rustle Leav PE780901

Lht Wind Rustle Leave PE781601

Desert Wind Sand PE781701

Desert Wind No Sand PE781801

Light Breeze PE782001

Soft Breeze PE782101

Brisk Breeze PE782201

Eerie Brisk Wind PE782301

Old Eerie Wind PE782401

Half Speed Eerie Wind PE782501

Hvy Old Movie Wind PE782601

Volcano & Earthquake

Lava Wallow Mud CU PE785101

Lava Wallow Mud CU PE785201

Lava Wallow Mud CU PE785301


Airports & Stations

Train Stn Pass Lounge PE790601



Sngl Seagull No Srf PE800101


Lions Roaring Sequen PE801101


Sliding Doors Roll Op PE801505

Chimes & Bells

Door Bell Chimes PE803004

Switches & Levers

Hvy Elct Breaker Swtc PE803901

1930 Radio Button PE804401

1930 Radio Button PE804402

1930 Radio Button PE804403

1930 Radio Button PE804404

1930 Radio Button PE804405

Television Switch On PE804801

T VSwitch Off PE805101

Impacts & Crashes-Various

Car Crash Light PE808801

Car Crash Skids PE808901

Car Crash Skid PE809001

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