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The Premiere Edition Volume 6 is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2006.

Sound Categories

PE-61 - Civilian & Military Helicopters

PE-62 - Civilian & Military Airplanes, Maratime

PE-63 - Watercraft Backgrounds, Water Splashes, Fishing & Scuba

PE-64 - Water Movement, Exotic Frog & Cricket Backgrounds

PE-65 - Rural & Urban Outdoor Backgrounds

PE-66 - Insects & Public Event Backgrounds

PE-67 - Children & Adult Vocals, Eating

PE-68 - Clocks

PE-69 - Household & Logging

PE-70 - Fire, Ice, & Weapons



Heli Int Strt Liftoff PE610101

Heli Int Idl Seat Clic PE610201

Heli Int Strt Cls Door PE610301

Heli Trffc Apprch Lan PE610401

Heli Trffc Idl Liftof PE610501

Heli Trffc Hover By Aw PE610601

Heli Trffc Hover By Aw PE610701

Heli Trffc Hover Stdy PE610801

Heli Trffc Apprch ByS PE610901

Heli Trffc Apprch ByA PE611001

Heli Trffc Hover AwyS PE611101

Heli Trffc Apprch Lan PE611201

Heli Trffc Apprch Lan PE611301

Bell 206 Strt Idl AwyP PE611401

Bell 206 Strt Idl AwyP PE611501

Bell 206 Apprch LandI PE611601

Gazelle Strt Idl Lift PE611701

Gazelle Idl Lng StdyI PE611801

Gazelle Idl LiftoffA PE611901

Gazelle Hover Jet Whi PE612001

Gazelle Int Radio Com PE612101

Gazelle Apprch By Hov PE612201

Gazelle Apprch By Hov PE612301

Gazelle Apprch By Lan PE612401

Gazelle Apprch By Med PE612501

Gazelle Idl Awy Lng Id PE612601

Gazelle Int Land Shut PE612701

Gazelle Int Land Shut PE612801

Heli Jet Idl TakeoffH PE612901

Heli Jet Idl Engn Wine PE613001

Heli Jet Warm Up Away PE613101

Heli Jet Warm Up Hover PE613201

Heli Jet Hover Awy Pul PE613301

Heli Jet Apprch By Lan PE613401

Heli Jet Royal By AwyD PE613501

U H1 Idl Turbine Whine PE613601

U H1 Int Hover FlightJ PE613701

U H1 Idl Liftoff Away PE613801

U H1 Hover Rotor Thwop PE613901

U H1 Hover By Awy Rotor PE614001

C H53 Apprch By Awy Med PE614101

C H53 Apprch By Awy Lng PE614201

A H1 Apprch Hover Slow PE614301

A H1 Apprch Land Idl Bl PE614401

A H1 Apprch By Awy SlwB PE614501

A H1 Apprch By Awy Reve PE614601

A H1 Apprch By Awy Reve PE614701

A H1 Hover Mach Fires PE614801

A H1 Hover Stdy Mach Gu PE614901


Aircraft-Prop Military

Prop Twin Idl Take Off PE622701

Harbors & Marinas

Buoy Bell RWater Slos PE625801

Boats & Ships

Ship Horn 1 Lng BlastD PE625201


Boats & Ships

Tugboat By Sea Wash En PE630801

Otbrd Motor Int Idl Sp PE633501

Water-Splashes & Sprays

Splash Sml Stone Plop PE636606

Splash Sml Plop Glass PE636706

Splash Hvy Boom Splas PE637801




Africa Lion Roar Bird PE652201

Animals-Bird BGs

Nunnery Dawn Bird Tow PE652601



Human Voices & Sounds

Baby Girl Cries Bath PE671302

Baby Three Angry Shri PE672402

Short Child Giggles PE672605

Yng Girl Screams Sudd PE673403

Yng Girl Screams LngL PE673405

Yng Girl Screams Yell PE673501

Yng Girl Giggl Playfu PE674101

Male Lng Yell PE675401

Cartoon & Comedy

Group Exagg Snores PE676702

Dining-Kitchens & Eating

Bite Celery Chew PE677905

Eat Crisp Hard Crunch PE678005

Impacts & Crashes-Fights

Body Fall Very Short PE679704



Clock Shop Many Ticks PE680101

Cuckoo Clocks OthersT PE680201

Clocks Stopwatch Tic PE681001

Clock Thrown Gnd Brea PE681601

Grndfthr Clock Ticks PE684801

Lg Westminster Clock PE688001



Clothes Drier Door Op PE691104

Shav Cream Dispens Sh PE695602

Air & Steam

Aerosol Can Spray Var PE695803

Impacts & Crashes-Wood

Wood House Collaps PE697901

Wood House Collaps No PE698001

Wood Stone Sml Collap PE698301


Impacts & Crashes-Ice

Sngl Ice Break PE701902


Artillery Cannon Sht PE703503

Cannon 120 Mm Mortar PE703801

Cannon 120 Mm Mortar PE703802


Pistol Int Shot Glass PE705603

Pistol Int Shot Ricoc PE705804

Weapons-Machine Guns

Mach Gun Lng Burst PE707201

Mch Gun Mlt Rapid Fire PE707401

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