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The Premiere Edition Volume 5 is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2004.

Sound Categories

PE-51 - Fighter Jets, Airport Jets, and Airport Tarmac

PE-52 - Passenger Jet & Airport Interiors

PE-53 - Animals - Cats & Dogs, Domestic

PE-54 - Animals - Birds

PE-55 - Jungle Backgrounds, Musical Elements

PE-56 - Rain and Thunder

PE-57 - Bubbles, Kitchen Appliances

PE-58 - Kitchen, Glass & Metal Impacts, Fantasy and Horror

PE-59 - Cameras and Telephones

PE-60 - Crowds, Applause, and Parties


Aircraft-Jet Military

F18 Jet Engines Wind PE510101

F18 Jet Engines Wind PE510201

F18 Jet Idle On Groun PE510301

F18 Jet Take Off PE510401

F18 Jet Take Off PE510501

F18 Jet Take Off Dire PE510601

Catapult Take Off Je PE510701

Catapult Take Off Je PE510801

Catapult Take Off Je PE510901

Catapult Take Off Je PE511001

Catapult Take Off Je PE511101

Catapult Take Off Je PE511201

Catapult Take Off Je PE511301

Catapult Take Off Je PE511401

Jet Idle Takeoffs Ba PE511501

Two F18 Jets Take Off PE511601

Two F18 Jets Take Off PE511701

Two F18 Jets Take Off PE511801

Two F18 Jets Low FlyB PE511901

Jet Winds Up Engine PE512001

Jet Winds Up Engine PE512101

Jet Idle Aircraft Ca PE512201

Jet Fst Low Flyby PE512301

Jet Fst Low Flyby PE512401

Jet Fst Low Flyby PE512501

Jet Fighter Fly Over PE512601

Two Jet Fighters Fst PE512701

T2 Buckeye Take OffS PE512801

T2 Buckeye Touch GoS PE512901

T2 Buckeye Fst Fly By PE513001

A3 Skywarriors Take PE513101

A3 Skywarriors Take PE513201

British Jet Fighter PE513301

Grumman A6 Intruder PE513401

Lockheed P3 Orion Re PE513501

Jet Stdy Flight Int PE513601

Jet Stdy Flight Ext PE513701

Jet Stdy Flight Ext PE513801

Us Navy Radio Possib PE513901

Aircraft-Jet Passenger

Lrg Jet Landing Busy PE516701

707 Cockpit Preflig PE517801




Cat Heat PE530101

Cat Purr Yowl PE530201

Cat Purr Yowl PE530202

Cat Yowl PE530203

Cat Yowl PE530204

Cat Yowl PE530205

Cat Yowl PE530206

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530207

Cat Long Yowl PE530208

Cat Yowl PE530209

Cat Yowl Pant PE530210

Cat Meow Plaintive PE530301

Cat Meow Plaintive PE530302

Cat Meow Wistful PE530401

Cat Meow Wistful PE530402

Cat Meow Wistful PE530403

Cat Meow Wistful PE530404

Cat Meow Wistful PE530405

Cat Meow Wistful PE530406

Cat Meow PE530407

Cat Meow PE530408

Cat Meow PE530409

Cat Meow Questioning PE530410

Cat Meow PE530411

Cat Meow PE530412

Cat Meow PE530413

Cat Meow Questioning PE530414

Cat Meow Purry Type PE530501

Cat Meow Purry Type PE530502

Kitten Meows Some Wav PE530601

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530701

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530702

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530703

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530704

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530705

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530706

Cat Outraged Yowl PE530707

2 Angry Cats Squaring PE530801

Cat Purring Fast Deep PE530901

Cat Purring Slow Reso PE531001

Cat Purring Slow Reso PE531101


Brouillard Lrg Dog Ba PE533101

Dog Eating Noisily Bo PE536801


Bull Bellowing PE538401

Cow Moos Various 24x PE538501

Cows Lowing Barn Chic PE538602

Cows Moving Out BarnM PE538701



Rooster Crow Hen Hous PE540301

Animals-Bird Singles

Mallard Sngl Bird Tak PE542001

Pigeon Cooing PE543101

Tawny Owls Uk PE548901

Man Whistling Like AS PE549501




Light Rain Shower Lea PE560502


City Storm Heavy Rain PE562601



Shrt Thunder Clap NoR PE570202

Sharp Thunder CrashR PE570203


Hail Mothball Size Cl PE570501


Dousing Hot Pan Viole PE572501

Microwave Door OC PE574903

Microwave Set BeepsR PE575401


Dining-Kitchens & Eating

Beer Bottle Opn Opner PE580103

Impacts & Glasses-Glass

Drinking Glass Smash PE583203

Dining-Kitchens & Eating

Champagne Bottle Pop PE581002

Drinking Glass Smash PE583201

Detergent Opn Box PE584302

Detergent Opn Box PE584303

Chopping Vegetables PE585103

Impacts & Crashes-Glass

Dinner Table Turn Ove PE585903

Plate Smash PE586005

Plate Smash PE586006

Light Bulb Smash PE586101

Window Pane Smash PE586402

Window Panes Smash Ou PE586404

Impacts & Crashes-Metal

Metallic CollisionM PE588001

Metallic CollisionM PE588002

Metallic CollisionM PE588003



Pentax MEExpose Wind PE592401

Polaroid SX70 Camera PE592502

Polaroid SX70 Camera PE592801

Polaroid SX70 Camera PE592802

Polaroid SX70 Time Ex PE592902


Brit Call Box 6 PenceI PE593303

Brit Desk Tel Ring Una PE593702

Tel PUHang Up Light Ph PE595804

Tel Slammed Hang Up Be PE596405

Wall Phone PUDial 10D PE596803

Cell Phone Dial Butto PE597706

Intercom Beep Line Ha PE598307


Crowd-Ohhs & Ahhs

Gasp Sml Crowd Surpri PE600801

Sml Grp Approval Mixe PE602201

Crowd-Applause & Cheer

Concert Crowd Huge Cr PE609502

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