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The Premiere Edition Volume 10 is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was originally released in 2008.

Sound Categories


Machine Gun Silence PE1010701

Bullet Ricco Off Met PE1010801

Bullet Ricco Single PE1010806

Bullet Ricco Single PE1010807

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010901

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010902

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010903

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010904

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010905

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010906

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010907

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010908

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010909

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1010910

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1011002

Bullet Ricochet Ban PE1011003

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011004

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011005

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011006

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011007

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011008

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011009

Bullet Ricochet Rev PE1011010

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011101

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011102

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011103

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011104

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011105

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011106

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011107

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011108

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011109

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011110

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011201

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011202

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011203

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011204

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011205

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011206

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011207

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011208

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011209

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011210

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011301

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011302

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011303

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011304

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011305

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011306

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011307

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011308

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011309

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011310

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011401

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011402

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011403

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011404

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011405

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011406

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011407

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011408

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011409

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011410

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011501

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011502

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011503

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011504

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011505

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011506

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011507

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011508

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011509

Bullet Ricochet Sin PE1011510


35mm Camera Clicks PE1012703

35mm Camera Elect Sh PE1012801

35mm Camera Auto Win PE1012901

8mm Camera Newsreel PE1013101


Chair Slide Thump PE1013603

Wood Chair Scrape PE1013805


Clock GrandfatherS PE1014208

Clock GrandfatherF PE1014301

Clock Ticking Loop PE1014407

Clock Ticking Rhyth PE1014405


Book Page Turn PE1014902

Book Page Turns PE1014905

Book Slam Slap Squea PE1015209


Belt Hit Slap Flat Wo PE1016504


Leather Stretch Boo PE1016605

Leather Stretch Boo PE1016606


Gerry Lentz Crumbli PE1016804


Cartoon Computer Ba PE1020103

Macintosh Ii

Macintosh Ii Monkey PE1020306

Space Simulator

Jpl 70 Space Sim AirR PE1022009


Utility Elevator Cl PE1023207

Castle Portcullis

Castle PortcullisD PE1023701

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds Bei PE1024701

Door Stopper

Flicking Spring Doo PE1025503


Drawbridge RaisedS PE1026206

Wood Doors

Wooden Door Slam PE1028307

Wooden Screen DoorO PE1028412

Wooden Door Open Squ PE1029001


Elect Arc Buzzing Lo PE1030404

Elect Sparks Vari X5 PE1030519

Sizzle After Arcing PE1030805


Explo Generic Dista PE1031407


Zippo Lighter Flick PE1033011


Fire Hvy Flames Loop PE1033401


Torch Whoosh Panned PE1037805

Medical Pump

Medical Pump Looped PE1041901

Door Bell

Doorbell Ding Dong PE1044003


Faucet Squeaks PE1045801

Sharpen Knife

Sharpen Knife Rhyth PE1046705

Glass Crashes

Glass Smash Auto Hea PE1050605

Glass Smash Auto Hea PE1050606

Glass Smash Auto Hea PE1050607

Glass Smash Auto Hea PE1050608

Glass Smash Auto Win PE1050609

Glass Smash Auto Win PE1050610

Kicks Soft Hvy Glass PE1050612

Glass Break Big Lots PE1050801

Glass Impacts Shatt PE1050807

Glass Sml Break PE1051017

Car Crashes

Auto Crash Huge Dest PE1050902

Car Hits Metal Barre PE1051302

Auto Crash Warehous PE1051601

Auto Crash Warehous PE1051602

Auto Crash Water Cut PE1051603

Auto Crash Rev Motor PE1051604

Auto Crash Wheel Spi PE1051605

Auto Crash Lrg HeadO PE1051606

Auto Crash Lrg HeadO PE1051607

Auto Crash Lrg HeadO PE1051608

Auto Crash Lrg HeadO PE1051609

Auto Crash Lrg HeadO PE1051610

Auto Crash Lrg HeadO PE1051611

Auto Crash Lrg SideS PE1051612

Auto Crash Lrg SideS PE1051613

Auto Crash Med HeadO PE1051701

Auto Crash Med HeadO PE1051702

Auto Crash Med HeadO PE1051703

Auto Crash Med HeadO PE1051704

Auto Crash Med HeadO PE1051705

Auto Crash Med SideS PE1051706

Auto Crash Med SideS PE1051707

Auto Crash Sml HeadO PE1051708

Auto Crash Sml HeadO PE1051709

Auto Crash Sml HeadO PE1051710

Auto Crash Sml HeadO PE1051711

Auto Crash Sml HeadO PE1051712

Auto Crash Sml SideS PE1051801

Car Crash Flip RollG PE1051802

Car Crash MetallicL PE1051803

Car Crash Shrt Sharp PE1051804

Car Crash Glass Debr PE1051805

Car Crash Lots Glass PE1051806

Car Crash Light PE1051807

Car Crash Light PE1051808

Car Peel Out Crash Me PE1051809

Hard Car Crash PE1051810

Jeep Crash Brief PE1051811

Jeep Crash Jeep PE1051901

Jeep Crash Jeep PE1051902

Jeep Crash Jeep Glas PE1051903

Jeep Crash Jeep Glas PE1051904

Jeep Crash Jeep PE1051905

Jeep Crash Metal PE1051906

Jeep Crash Metal PE1051907

Jeep Crash Metal PE1051908

Jeep Crash Metal Gla PE1051909

Jeep Crash Metal PE1051910

Jeep Crash On Metal PE1051911

Jeep Crash Debris PE1051912

Jeep Crash Debris PE1051913

Jeep Crash Shrt On Me PE1051914

Jeep Crashes Metal PE1051915

Metal Glass Auto Cra PE1052001

Metal Glass Crash Au PE1052002

Metal Crash DebrisC PE1052003

Metal Crash Car Fend PE1052004

Metal Crash Car Fend PE1052005

Metal Crash Car Heav PE1052006

Metal Crash Car Shar PE1052007

Metal Crash Car Debr PE1052008

Metal Crash Car Loos PE1052009

Metal Crash Car PE1052010

Metal Crash Lng CarR PE1052011

Metal Crash Metal De PE1052012

Metal Crash Rolling PE1052013

Metal Crash ScrapeC PE1052014

Metal Hit Fender Hit PE1052015

Metal Parts Fall Cem PE1052016

Old Car Crash Lng Spi PE1052101

Sharp Car Crash PE1052102

Skid Amb Crash Debri PE1052103

Train Car Crash Scra PE1052104

Truck Crashes DiesL PE1052105

Wood Glass Crash Car PE1052106

Wood Glass Crash Car PE1052107


Dumpster Bang DaveF PE1053104

Metal Impacts

Metallic Hit Low PE1053211

Car Crashes

Car Hit Metal Barrel PE1053601

Car Hits Metal Barre PE1053602

Metal Pipe

Metal Pipe CrowbarB PE1054206

Metal Crashes

Metal Crashes Tumbl PE1054303

Metal Impacts

Sledge Hammer On She PE1054607

Car Crashes

Car Door Hit PE1054704

Car Crash Light PE1055203

Car Hits Drags Hot Do PE1055204

Car Hits Boxes PE1055205

Car Water Cuts Off PE1055206

Car Rolls Over Multi PE1055207

Crash Looped Lng Rol PE1055208

Crash Med Multi Drop PE1055209

Impact Car On Wood Ga PE1055210

Jeep Crash Brief PE1055211

Jeep Crash Debris PE1055212

Jeep Crash Debris PE1055213

Jeep Crash Debris PE1055214

Jeep Crash Debris PE1055215

Metal Rolls Crashes PE1055216

Skid Crash Extended PE1055217

Wood Glass Impact De PE1055218

Wood Glass Impact De PE1055219

Metal Crashes

Metal Crash Debris PE1055401

Glass Crashes

Glass Lrg Debris Cra PE1055404

Plastic Crush

Plastic Crush ShrtS PE1056006

Wood Crashes

Wood Crash Impact De PE1056306

Wood Crash Impact Bi PE1056805

Wood Impacts

Wood Impact Shrt Big PE1057005

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap Quick Cli PE1057112


Tree Cracks Falls PE1057505

Tree Cracks Falls PE1057506

Tree Fall Snap Med Cr PE1057511

Pile Driver

Pile Driver Sngl Sng PE1065404


Saw Elect Hand Cutti PE1067201


Dig Sngl Ext Effort PE1071007

Dat Machine

Door Outer Open Damp PE1071301


35mm Projector ArcL PE1071401


Hydraulic Punch Mot PE1071509


Servo From RobocopR PE1071809


Anamatronic Head Ai PE1072601


Chain Winch Loop PE1073101

Winch Sml Cargo Belt PE1073206

Winch Sml Cargo Belt PE1073209


Stinger Cymbal Roll PE1073407


Flying Hit Plane Amb PE1073506

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Int Co PE1075907


Starship Warning Al PE1076901

Starship Warp Fst By PE1077101


Ghoul Vocals Inhale PE1080213

Sci Fi

Elect Whirling Nois PE1080412

Underwater Space Lo PE1081005

Sci Fi Thin Beaming PE1081103

Dry Ice Scream Mono PE1081902

Transporter Materi PE1083206

Transporter Materi PE1083207

Vorlan Ship AnimalE PE1083603

Light Switch

Light Switch Lamp PE1090401

Light Switch Lamp PE1090402

Light Switch Lamp PE1090403

Light Switch Lamp PE1090404

Light Switch Lamp PE1090405

Light Switch Lamp PE1090406

Light Switch Lamp PE1090407

Light Switch Lamp PE1090408

Light Switch Lamp PE1090409

Light Switch Lamp PE1090410

Light Switch Lamp PE1090411

Light Switch Lamp PE1090412

Light Switch Lamp PE1090413

Light Switch Lamp PE1090414


Switch Click Old Dbx PE1090906


Toggle Switch Metal PE1090917


Bingo Tap Single PE1091302


Ring From ASword Bei PE1092206

Steel Sword Being Pu PE1092207

Steel Sword Being Pu PE1092208

Sword Being Drawn Fr PE1092209

Sword Being Removed PE1092210

Sword Being Removed PE1092211

Sword Ching Off Obje PE1092301

Sword Ching Taken Ou PE1092302

Sword Ching Hit Obje PE1092303

Sword Ching SlightB PE1092304

Sword Clang Grind PE1092305

Sword Draw From Shea PE1092306

Sword Draw From Shea PE1092307

Sword Draw Out Scabb PE1092401

Sword Draw Out Scabb PE1092402

Sword Draw Out Scabb PE1092403

Sword Draw Out Scabb PE1092404

Sword Faulty Hit Shr PE1092501

Sword Fighting 2 Men PE1092502

Sword Shing Off Obje PE1092503

Sword Going Back She PE1092504

Sword Hit Against Ob PE1092601

Sword Hit Object The PE1092602

Sword Hit Object The PE1092603

Sword Hit On ObjectQ PE1092604

Sword Hit On ObjectA PE1092605

Sword Hit On ObjectG PE1092606

Sword Hit On ObjectM PE1092607

Sword Hit One Object PE1092608

Sword Hit Real Big So PE1092609

Sword Hit Reverse PE1092701

Sword Hit Then Floor PE1092702

Sword Hit Slight Sla PE1092703

Sword Hit Dbl Hit OnO PE1092704

Sword Hit Dull Again PE1092705

Sword Hit Dull Brigh PE1092706

Sword Hit Dull Sligh PE1092707

Sword Hit Lazily OnO PE1092708

Sword Hit Slight Bou PE1092709

Sword Impact Hit Sli PE1092710

Sword Scabbard PE1092901

Sword Scabbard PE1092902

Sword Scabbard PE1092903

Sword Scabbard PE1092904

Sword Sheath PE1092905

Sword Lng Draw FromS PE1092906

Sword Out Sheath Qui PE1092907

Sword Out Sheath PE1092908

Sword Pause Draw Fro PE1092909

Sword Pull Out PE1093001

Sword Pull Out PE1093002

Sword Pull Out PE1093003

Sword Pull Out PE1093004

Sword Pull Out PE1093005

Sword Pull Out PE1093006

Sword Pull Out PE1093007

Sword Pull Out PE1093008

Sword Pull Out PE1093009

Sword Pull Out PE1093010

Sword Pull Out PE1093011

Sword Pull Out PE1093012

Sword Pull Out PE1093013

Sword Pull Out PE1093101

Sword Pull Out PE1093102

Sword Pull Out PE1093103

Sword Pull Out PE1093104

Sword Pull Out PE1093105

Sword Pull Out PE1093106

Sword Pull Out PE1093107

Sword Pull Out PE1093108

Sword Pull Out PE1093109

Sword Pull Out PE1093110

Sword Pull Out PE1093111

Sword Pull Out PE1093112

Sword Pull Out PE1093113

Sword Pull Out PE1093114

Sword Pull Out PE1093115

Sword Pull Out PE1093116

Sword Slide Out Shea PE1093201

Sword Slide Out Shea PE1093202

Sword Slide Out Shea PE1093203

Sword Stab In Out Met PE1093204

Sword Steel Chink PE1093301

Sword Steel Chink PE1093302

Sword Steel Chink PE1093303

Sword Steel Chink PE1093304

Sword Steel Chink PE1093305

Sword Steel Chink PE1093306

Sword Steel Chink PE1093307

Sword Steel Chink PE1093308

Sword Steel Chink PE1093309

Sword Steel Chink PE1093310

Sword Steel Chink PE1093311

Sword Steel Chink PE1093312

Sword Steel Chink PE1093313

Sword Steel Chink PE1093314

Sword Steel Chink PE1093315

Sword Steel Chink PE1093316

Sword Steel Chink PE1093317

Sword Steel Chink PE1093318

Sword Steel Chink PE1093319

Sword Steel Chink PE1093320

Sword Steel Chink PE1093321

Sword Steel Clang PE1093401

Sword Steel Clang PE1093402

Sword Steel Clang PE1093403

Sword Steel Clang PE1093404

Sword Steel Clang PE1093405

Sword Steel Clang PE1093406

Sword Steel Clang PE1093407

Sword Steel Clang PE1093408

Sword Steel Clang PE1093409

Sword Steel Clang PE1093410

Sword Steel Clang PE1093411

Sword Steel Clang PE1093412

Sword Steel Clang PE1093413

Sword Steel Clang PE1093414

Sword Steel Clang PE1093415

Sword Steel Clang PE1093416

Sword Steel Clang PE1093417

Sword Steel Clang PE1093418

Sword Steel Clang PE1093419

Sword Steel Clang PE1093420

Sword Steel Clang PE1093501

Sword Steel Clang PE1093502

Sword Steel Clang PE1093503

Sword Steel Clang PE1093504

Sword Steel Clang PE1093505

Sword Steel Clang PE1093506

Sword Steel Clang PE1093507

Sword Steel Clang PE1093508

Sword Steel Clang PE1093509

Sword Steel Clang PE1093510

Sword Steel Clang PE1093511

Sword Steel Clang PE1093512

Sword Steel Clang PE1093513

Sword Steel Clang PE1093514

Sword Steel Clang PE1093515

Sword Steel Clang PE1093516

Sword Steel Clang PE1093517

Sword Steel Clang PE1093518

Sword Steel Clang PE1093519

Sword Steel Clang PE1093520

Sword Steel Clang PE1093601

Sword Steel Clang PE1093602

Sword Steel Clang PE1093603

Sword Steel Clang PE1093604

Sword Steel Clang PE1093605

Sword Steel Clang PE1093606

Sword Steel Clang PE1093607

Sword Steel Clang PE1093608

Sword Steel Clang PE1093609

Sword Steel Clang PE1093610

Sword Steel Clang PE1093611

Sword Steel Clang PE1093612

Sword Steel Clang PE1093613

Sword Steel Clang PE1093614

Sword Steel Clang PE1093615

Sword Steel Clang PE1093616

Sword Steel Clang PE1093617

Sword Steel Clang PE1093618

Sword Steel Clang PE1093619

Sword Steel Clang PE1093620

Sword Steel Clang PE1093701

Sword Steel Clang PE1093702

Sword Steel Clang PE1093703

Sword Steel Clang PE1093704

Sword Steel Clang PE1093705

Sword Steel Clang PE1093706

Sword Steel Clang PE1093707

Sword Steel Clang PE1093708

Sword Steel Clang PE1093709

Sword Steel Clang PE1093710

Sword Steel Clang PE1093711

Sword Steel Clang PE1093712

Sword Steel Clang PE1093713

Sword Steel Clang PE1093714

Sword Steel Clang PE1093715

Sword Steel Clang PE1093716

Sword Steel Clang PE1093717

Sword Steel Clang PE1093718

Sword Steel Clang PE1093719

Sword Steel Clang PE1093720

Sword Steel Clang PE1093721

Sword Steel Clang PE1093722

Sword Steel Clang PE1093723

Sword Steel Clang PE1093724

Sword Steel Draw PE1093725

Sword Steel Ring PE1093801

Sword Steel Slide Ri PE1093802

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093803

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093804

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093805

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093806

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093807

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093808

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093809

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093810

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093811

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093812

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093813

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093814

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093815

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093816

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093817

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093901

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093902

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093903

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093904

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093905

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093906

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093907

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093908

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093909

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093910

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093911

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093912

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093913

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093914

Sword Steel Grind Dr PE1093915

Sword Throw Down Gro PE1093916


Grenades Tnt Blast PE1094404


Cannon Classic Old PE1094801

Cannon Classic Old PE1094802

Cannon Classic Old PE1094803

Naval Carrier Cannon

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094901

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094902

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094903

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094904

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094905

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094906

Naval Carrier Canno PE1094907


Laser Blast Quick PE1095107

Hand Phaser Lightni PE1095203

Space Laser Shot PE1095407

Hand Guns

Gun Dry Fire PE1096501

Gun Cock Single PE1096606

Revolver Spin Chamb PE1097101

Gun Shot Sngl Fire In PE1097304

Gun Shot Sngl Shot Ex PE1097311

Gun Shot Sngl Shot Ex PE1097508

Gun Shot Sngl Shot Ex PE1097810

Gun Shot Sngl Shot In PE1097906

Gun Shot Sngl Shot In PE1098109

Machine Guns

Machine Gun Multi Bu PE1100503

M60 Machine Gun Cal 7 PE1100804

Machine Gun Sngl Bur PE1102302

Machine Gun Sngl Bur PE1102501

Machine Gun Sngl Sho PE1100708

Machine Gun Silence PE1103601


Rifle Cock Clicks PE1107001


Gun Sngl Shot Fire Ex PE1107203

Gunshot Sngl Hit Lig PE1108102

Gunshot Sngl Hit Lig PE1108110

Shotgun Sngl Shot Fi PE1108213

Shotgun Sngl Shot Fi PE1108217

Gun Shot Various PE1108222

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