November 18, 1998 – March 25, 2005

The Powerpuff Girls is a TV Series created for Cartoon Network by Craig McCracken. The post-production sound services for the first 6 seasons was provided by Twenty First-Century Entertainment, Inc. (the sound designer/sound editor was Joel Valentine, who preferred to be credited only as his company name for "Sound Editing") and Hacienda Post, mixed by Timothy J. Borquez (usually with Eric Freeman). Borquez's team first mixed at Horta Editorial & Sound and also at Pacific Sound GroupSPG Studios and Digital Soundworks. Hacienda's uncredited sound editor was probably Roy Braverman. From Season 7 to Season 9 (otherwise known as "the reboot"), Hacienda Post took all post-production sound over including sound design & foley.


The straight-laced Prof. Utonium's attempt to create perfect little girls accidentally includes "Chemical X", resulting in take-charge red-head Blossom, blonde sweety-pie Bubbles and ready-to-fight brunette Buttercup. These flying, super-strong, rarate-chopping girls with the occasional heat vision race into action to save the city of Townsville (and, we're told, the world) from all sorts of crimes and creatures.

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This show mainly uses Hanna-Barbera (heavily), Warner Bros., Cartoon Trax Volume 1, The General Series 6000, Series 4000 and The Premiere Edition Volume 1 sound effects.

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