The Odyssey Collection: Machines Sound Effects Library is a Sound Effects Library made by Pro Sound Effects

Sound Categories


35mm, Camera Motorized, Two Single Shutters, Varying Speeds, Photoshoot

35mm Camera

35mm Camera Shutter, Mechanism and Clicks

35mm Film Projector

35mm Film Projector, Arc Light Feeder Motors, Striking Up, Servo Whine, Turning Off, Grinding Blasts

Bridge Motor Lock

Bridge Motor Lock, Huge Old Rusty Bridge, Squeaky Metal


Clock Chime, Long Final Ring, Mechanical, Grandfather Clock, Gong, Second Hand Tick Tocks

Clock Chimes, Bell Tones, Clean, Repeating Melody at Head then Single Notes, Long Ringing, Metallic Hits, Slow and Deep

Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse, Single Click, Trackball

Electric Arc

Electric Arc, Zapping Sparks, Scattered Spraying Static Blasts

Mechanical Sweeteners

Mechanical Sweeteners, Various Mechanisms Engage or Start Up, Servos, Some Heavy, Switches, Clicks, Swells, Rattle, Metal Clatter

Modem Tone

Modem Tone, Touch Tones, Ring, Modem Handshake, Beeps, Computer Fan

Oven Timer

Oven Timer, Clockwork Buzz, Bell Ding, Ring 01

Oven Timer, Clockwork Buzz, Bell Ding, Ring 02

Oven Timer, Clockwork Buzz, Bell Ding, Ring 03

Printing Press

Printing Press, 1930 Miehle, Double Rotating Cylinder, Under Flatbed, Giant, Starts, Runs, Stops

University of Southern California Clock

University of Southern California Clock, VKC Chimes from Quad, Footsteps and Distant Walla, 3 Oclock, Bells

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