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The Odyssey Collection: Humans Sound Effects Library is a Sound Effects Library made by Pro Sound Effects

Sound Categories

Airborne F14 Radio

Airborne F14 Radio, Pilot to Tower Communications, Fuzzy Static Bursts, Pops, Male Voices, Interference 01


Applause, Group Clapping, Clean, Studio Audience


Audience Applause, Medium Size Crowd in Auditorium

Audience Cheer, Big Burst of Applause, Clapping, Whooping, Whistling 02

Audience Laughter, Various Bursts, Medium Size Crowd in Auditorium, Possible Use: Laugh Track


Baby Babble, Coos, Squeals, Giggles, 6 Months Old


Boxing Crowd, Mild Cheering, Whistling, Idle, Reactions to Fight 03

Carnival Crowd

Carnival Crowd, Chatter and Voices, Vintage


Chinese Walla, Constant, Exterior, Small Group, Casual Happy Chatting 01

Comic Fart

Comic Fart, Raspberries, Many Variations 01

Crazed Screams

Crazed Screams, Distant, Man Yelling for Help, Wacky Bloodcurdling Wails, Get them Off


Crowd, Chatter and Voices, Vintage

Crowd, Interior, Applause, Short Swells, Vintage

Crowd, Laughter, Short Bursts, Some Hysterical Laughter, Lots of Variations

Crowd, Looped Walla, Vintage, Chatter, Laughter

Crowd Panic, Interior, Reverberant, 3 Men and 1 Woman, Southern Accents, Panic Gasps, Oh Reaction and Open The Door Shouts 02

Crowd Panic, People Scream And Run, Terrified and Fleeing, Shrieks, Chaos Reigns

Crowd Panic, Women Scream and Run In Terror, At Stadium, Loud Banging, Absolute Chaos

Crowd Reaction, New York Extras, Brief Swell, Active Walla

Crowd Scream, Constant, Large Group Panic, Yelling, Running Away in Fear, Wailing, Here They Come

Crowd Whisper, Short Bursts, Soft Murmurs, Active, Many Versions 02

Eating Potato Chips

Eating Potato Chips, Chomps and Crunches, Chewing, Smacking, Crispy Bites

Eerie Whispering

Eerie Whispering, Constant Whispers, Female Voices, Lispy, Nightmare, Reverberant


Fart, Juicy Flatulence


Farts, Short Toots, Comic, Funny, Passing Wing, Skin Flapping, Longer at Tail 02


Female Scream, Single Woman Screeches, Yelps, Bloodcurdling Yells, Many Versions


Group Walla, Constant, Quiet Murmur Building Up to Animated Conversation, Mumbling, Yelling at Tail

Happy Crowd

Happy Crowd, Chatter, Yelling Men and Women, Looped, Vintage

Little Girl

Little Girl Crying, Wailing, Outburst, Cough, CU


Lobby Crowd, Reverberant, Indistinct Voices, Children, Heavy Air 03


Male Grunts, Closed and Open Mouth, Huh, Some Movement, Long Moan at Tail


Men Fight, Heavy Movement, Scuffled Footsteps on Concrete, Metal Bangs, Voices Grunt, Snarl, Running In

Police Car Radio

Police Car Radio, Los Angeles, Interior Patrol Car, Radio Futz, Interference, Static Bursts, Active, Male and Female Officers

Sizzle and Fry

Sizzle and Fry, Water Soaked Sponge Dropped into Pot of Oil, CU, Heavy Metallic Popping, Some Movement, Cooking


Spitting, Comical, Airy as Spray

Theater Laughs

Theater Laughs, Medium Size Audience or Crowd, Joke Reactions, Sitcom

Wild Whistles

Wild Whistles, Sharp Signalling Bursts, Multiple Versions 02

Woman Screams

Woman Screams, Echoey Wails, Shrieks

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