Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1


"Wolff Brothers Cry Wolf"

"Nat is a Stand-Up Guy"

"Fishin' For Love"

"Alex's Clothing Line"


"A Rebel and a Skateboarder"

"A Man Needs a Maid"

"First Kiss (On The Lips, That Is)"

"The Song"

"Battle of the Bands" Pt. 1

"Battle of the Bands" Pt. 2

"Alien Clones"

Season 2

"Sidekicks" Pt. 1

"Sidekicks" Pt. 2

"Great Trip"

"Three is Enough"

"The Talk Show"

"The Bar Mitzvah"

"Uncle Miles"

"Everybody's Cried at Least Once"


"The County Fair"

"Polar Bears" Pt. 1

"Polar Bears" Pt. 2

"Polar Bears" Pt. 3

Season 3

"Mystery Girl" Pt. 1

"Mystery Girl" Pt. 2

"Operation Mojo" Pt. 1

"Operation Mojo" Pt. 2

"Christmas Special"

"Valentine Dream Date"

"Naked Idol" Pt. 1

"Naked Idol" Pt. 2

"The Premiere" Pt. 1

"The Premiere" Pt. 2

"No School's Fools Day"

TV Specials

"Been There, Rocked That"

"Concert Special #2"

"County Fair Concert Special"

"Supertastic 6"

"Secrets of the NBB Summer Tour"