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Season 1

"Archie's New Home"

"Sea Captain Ned"

"The Thirsty Penguin"

"A Letter for George"

"Josie's Big Jump"

"Alice Can't Remember"

"Ned's Scary Night"

"What Mitzi Wants"

"Ned the Policeman"

"Sammy's Bumpy Ride"

"Archie's Loose Tooth"

"Penny Comes to Stay"

"Lolly Comes to Town"

"George and the Parcel"

"Mitzi's Day Out"

"Sammy and the Moon"

"George's Day Off"

"Archie to the Rescue"

"Alice Rides Again"

"Ned the Pilot"

"Mitzi's Big Adventure"

"Ned's Special Visitor"

"Lolly's Broken Bell"

"Ned Catches a Cold"

"Josie Can Dance"

"Penny Comes for Help"

Season 2

"Sammy and the Bee"

"Alice Gets the Hiccups"

"Lolly's Long Goodbye"

"Ned's Buried Treasure"

"Mitzi's Special Photos"

"George's Big Mistake"

"Ned the Knight"

"Archie Goes Camping"

"Plane Crazy Ned"

"George's Big Race"

"Sammy's Bad Day"

"George's Little Plant"

"Archie Tennis Ace"

"Josie's Little Accident"

"Penny's Big Game"

"Mitzi's Busy Day"

"George Goes Faster"

"Ned Finds His Whistle"

"Josie's New Tune"

"Sammy's Cuckoo Clock"

"Archie Doesn't Listen"

"Josie in Charge"

"Penny's Birthday Surprise"

"George's Broken Satchel"

"Lolly's New Flavor"

"Alice Gets Lost"

Season 3

"Outback Christmas"

"George the Sportsman"

"Ned's Shiny Balloon"

"Mitzi's Special Present"

"Ned and the Wagaloo"

"Sammy's Spoons"

"Josie's Knotty Problem"

"Alice the Poet"

"Archie's Giant Pumpkin"

"Penny's Boomerang"

"Mitzi's Funny Honey"

"Ned Goes Red"

"Lolly and the Go-Kart"

"Ned's Shooting Star"

"Sammy the Postman"

"George the Magician"

"Archie's Fall"

"Mitzi the Artist"

"George's World"

"Lolly's Puppet Show"

"Ned's Missing Teddy"

"Mitzi the Flying Nurse"

"Alice Makes a Movie"

"George's Busy Day"

"Alice's Night Mystery"

"Mitzi's Hide and Seek"

"Ned Writes A Letter"