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November 16th, 2018

The JH Movie Collection Movie is an 2018 2D Animated and CG Live-action Movie that is directed by Kathleen Good and Chris Williams and co-directed by Don Hall and its based on TV series created by Stephen Hillenburg, Matt Groening and Steven Spielberg. The movie will be release on November 16th, 2018. Featuring the song "Lean On" by Major Lazer feat MØ and DJ Snake and "Don't Call It Love" by Jonas Blue, EDX and Alex Mills.

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This is the story about Tom the Hand (aka Tom Miller; Adam Sandler), his brother Mark the Hand (Jim Carrey) and his friend Junior the Stork (Andy Samberg) who is saving the world from the villainy George Christopher Deavor (Todd McKwanio) and Lord Stood (Bill Hader). Junior punches Mark.

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Sound Effects Used

  • JUMANJI LION ROAR (Used for Junior's Rage when he cuts the power during the final battle)
  • SKYWALKER TV SMASHING SOUND (Heard for 3 times as Junior throws a hammer and smashed the wood and break into pieces, as Homer Simpson throws the stickman and smash the door to get out and fall in the sky and as Snoopy slams the rat.)
  • SONY DING (Used for Lucy when she blinks on Christopher and for Princess Holly when she blinks on Tom and Mark)

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