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"Annoying Orange 2.0"

Season 1


"Captain Blood Orange"

"Sir Juice-A-Lot"

"Veggie Zombies"

"Founding Fruits"


"Dr. Strange Plum"

"Bad News Pears"

"Fruit Plane!"

"The Lords of Fruitbush"

"Boys vs. Girls"

"Fruitastic Voyorange"

"Escape from the Planet of the Grapes of Wrath!"

"Follow the Bouncing Orange"

"Spaghetti West"

"Welcome to My Fruitmare"

"Annoying Cutesie"

"The Day the Store Stood Still"

"The Annoying Orange Generic Holiday Special"

"Orange Carol"

"Orange the Red!"

"Orange Belt"

"When Fruit Ruled the Earth"

"Pop Star"

"The Fast and the Fruitious"


"Chief Executive Orange"

"Meet the Oranges"


"My Name Is Orange"

Season 2

"Little Foodie Cutie"

"Isle of Dr. Fruitenstein"

"Orange's Run"

"Marshmallow Wedding"

"Orange... James Orange"


"Food Carnival"

"Fruitdependence Day"

"Everybody Loves Cabbage!"

"King Coco"

"The Further Adventures of Sherleek Holmes"


"Cereal Killer"

"Orange Julius Caesar"


"Orange Say Knock You Out!"

"Hungry Fruit Games"


"Bat's All, Fruits"

"Little Cart of Scaries"

"Thanksfornothing Day"

"Fruitsy the Snowfruit"

"Shakesparagus Speare"


"Clementine's Day"

"Mash of the Titans"

"Lost Food Pyramid"

"Meet Banana Monocle"

"Defending Your Fruit Cart Pt. 1"

"Defending Your Fruit Cart Pt. 2"