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Season 1

Ep. 1

"Meet the Reaper"

"Skeletons in the Water Closet"

Ep. 2

"Opposite Day"

"Look Alive!"

Ep. 3

"Mortal Dilemma"

"Get Out of My Head!"

Ep. 4: "Fiend is Like Friend without the "R""

Ep. 5: "Recipe for Disaster"

Ep. 6: "A Dumb Wish"

Ep. 7

"Grim vs. Mom"

"Tastes Like Chicken"

Ep. 8

"Grim or Gregory?"

"Something Stupid This Way Comes"

Ep. 9

"A Grim Surprise"

"Beasts & Barbarians"

Ep. 10

"Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator"

"To Eris Human"

Ep. 11

"Billy's Growth Spurt"

"Billy & the Bully"

Ep. 12

"Big Trouble in Billy's Basement"

"Tickle Me Mandy"

Ep. 13

"Little Rock of Horrors"

"Dream a Little Dream"

Ep. 14

"Toadblatt's School of Sorcery"

"Educating Grim"

"It's Hokey Mon!"

Ep. 15

"Night of the Living Grim"

"Brown Evil" (Part 1)

"Brown Evil" (Part 2)

Ep. 16

"Mandy, the Merciless"

"Creating Chaos"

"The Really Odd Couple"

Ep. 17

"Who Killed Who?"

"Tween Wolf"

Ep. 18

"Grim in Love"


"Love is "Evol" Spelled Backwards"

Ep. 19

"The Crawling Niceness"

"Smarten Up!"

"The Grim Show"

Ep. 20

"Son of Nergal"

"Sister Grim"

"Go-Kart 3000!"

Ep. 21

"Terror of the Black Knight"

"Battle of the Bands"

"The Halls of Time"

Ep. 22

"Grim for a Day"

"Chicken Ball Z"

Ep. 23: "Billy & Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween"

Season 2

Ep. 1

"Spider's Little Daddy"

"Tricycle of Terror"

Ep. 2

"Dumb Luck"

"No Body Loves Grim"

Ep. 3

"Li'l Porkchop"

"Skarred for Life"

Ep. 4

"House of Pain"

"A Grim Prophecy"

"Mandy Bites Dog"

Ep. 5

"Nursery Crimes"

"My Peeps"

Ep. 6

"Nigel Planter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets"

"Circus of Fear"

Ep. 7

"Bully Boogie"

"Here Thar Be Dwarves!"

Ep. 8

"Which Came First?"

"Substitute Teacher"

Season 3

Ep. 1

"Super Zero"

"Sickly Sweet"

Ep. 2

"Bearded Billy"

"The Nerve"

Ep. 3

"Test of Time"

"A Kick in the Asgard"

Ep. 4: "Five O' Clock Shadows"

Ep. 5

"Attack of the Clowns"

"Complete and Utter Chaos! (Billy Gets Dumber!)"

Ep. 6

"Whatever Happened to Billy Whatishisname?"

"Just the Two of Pus"

Ep. 7

"Chocolate Sailor"

"The Good, the Bad and the Toothless"

Ep. 8

"That's My Mummy"

"Toys will Be Toys"


Ep. 9: "The Secret Snake Club"

Ep. 10

"He's Not Dead, He's My Mascot"

"Hog Wild"

Ep. 11

"The Bad News Ghouls"

"The House of No Tomorrow"

Ep. 12

"Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears"

"The Secret Decoder Ring"

Ep. 13

"Wild Parts"

"The Problem with Billy"

Ep. 14: "Wishbones"

Season 4

Ep. 1

"Dream Mutt"

"Scythe for Sale"

Ep. 2


"Aren't You Chupacabra to See Me?"

Ep. 3

"Jeffy's Web"

"Irwin Gets a Clue"

Ep. 4

"Zip Your Fly!"

"Puddle Jumping"

Ep. 5

"Runaway Pants"

"Scythe 2.0"

Ep. 6

"The Firebird Sweet"

"The Bubble with Billy"

Ep. 7

"Billy Idiot"

"Home of the Ancients"

Ep. 8: "My Fair Mandy"

Ep. 9

"One Crazy Summoner"

"Guess What's Coming to Dinner?"

Ep. 10

"Mommy Fiercest"

"The Taking Tree"

Ep. 11

"Reap Walking"

"The Loser from the Earth's Core"

Ep. 12

"Ecto Cooler"

"The Schlubs"

Ep. 13: "Prank Call of Cthulhu"

Ep. 14: "Billy and Mandy Save Christmas"

Season 5

Ep. 1

"Billy Ocean"

"Hill Billy"

Ep. 2: "Keeper of the Reaper"

Ep. 3

"The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name"

"Major Cheese"

Ep. 4

"Modern Primitives"

"Giant Billy and Mandy All Out Attack"

Ep. 5

"The Wrongest Yard"

"Druid, Where's My Car?"

Ep. 6

"Herbicidal Maniac"

"Chaos Theory"

Ep. 7

"A Grim Day"

"Pandora's Lunch Box"

Ep. 8: "Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians"

Ep. 9

"Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons"

"Fear and Loathing in Endsville"

Ep. 10

"Dad Day Afternoon"

"Scary Poppins"

Ep. 11

"Hurter Monkey"

"Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus"

Ep. 12


"Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred"

Ep. 13

"The Crass Unicorn"

"Billy & Mandy Begins"

Season 6

Ep. 1

"Everything Breaks"

"The Show That Dare Not Speak Its Name"

Ep. 2

"The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E."

"King Tooten Pooten"

Ep. 3

"Billy Gets an 'A'"

"Yeti or Not, Here I Come"

Ep. 4

"Nergal's Pizza"

"Hey, Water You Doing?"

Ep. 5

"Company Halt"

"Anger Mismanagement"

Ep. 6

"Waking Nightmare"

"Beware of the Undertoad"

Ep. 7

"The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever"

"Detention X"

Ep. 8: "Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon"

Ep. 9

"Dracula Must Die!"

"Short Tall Tales"

Ep. 10

"Nigel Planter and the Order of the Peanuts"

"The Incredible Shrinking Mandy"

Ep. 11

"El Dia de Los Muertos Estupidos"


The Grim Adventures of the KND


Billy's Birthday Shorties

"Super Myron Brothers"

"Macaroni Man"

"Cake It to the Limit"

"Makeover the Top"

"The Uninvited"

"Death of the Party"

Irwin Hearts Mandy

"Dream Date"

"Dracula De Bergerac"

"Hate in an Elevator"

"Future Nerd"

Other Shorts

"Irwin Live!"

"Fit to Be Tied"

"Date with Death"

"Dentally Disturbed"

"Room Gloom"

"Senior Power"

"Frozey the Snowman"

"Matinee Mandy"

"Wish Unfulfillment"

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